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Why You Need Turmeric in Your Face Wash?


Face wash is different from soap bars in the sense, they are much softer on your skin. They help remove dirt and oil from your facial skin and help you give a glow. But regular face wash products use a lot of chemicals these days and most people are finding them over-reactive, or over-drying their face.

The solution to this problem is to use herbal or nature-based face wash products that don’t mess up with your skin.

Earth Essentials’ Turmeric carbon face wash is one such product. It combines two of the most wonderful ingredients in the body care products industry, Activated carbon and Turmeric.

Turmeric has its own set of unique properties. But before we see more of its advantages as a face wash, let’s see some important benefits of activated carbon.

Carbon powder is heated up to very high temperatures. In this process the carbon atoms get ‘activated’. The bonding sites in the material get freed up while heating them. Hence there is more space for other molecules to get absorbed by activated carbon. When used as a cleanser, the activated carbon powder absorbs the dirt and oil from your skin and clings to them until you wash them away. This super absorbent material is so effective that many people have started preferring activated carbon based products over regular soaps and face washes.

Activated Charcoal powder

Also, activated carbon is an exfoliant. It scrubs off dead skin cells sticking to your face and returns your natural glow.

Turmeric on the other hand is a natural anti-septic. It is always in use in the cosmetic industry and will always be. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help reduce skin problems like acne, blackheads, acne scars, and in some extreme cases, psoriasis.  When used regularly, turmeric face wash will help you get rid of your skin problems, naturally. It usually costs in thousands to get treatment for skin problems. Instead, turmeric face wash can treat your skin more effectively. All you need is a habit of using the face wash regularly.

Benefits of Turmeric in Your Face Wash

  1. Turmeric face wash is also effective in removing facial hair. This has made most women to prefer Earth Essentials’ Turmeric carbon face wash in recent days.

2. Using activated carbon and turmeric in the same product has given us a combined advantage, skin disease prevention and removal.

3. Skin problems like acne, blackheads, etc are due to excess sebum secretion under the skin. When dirt from the air gets deposited over the sebaceous glands, the resulting irritation causes it to secrete more sebum, which causes the skin to rise. This you can see as a lump over your skin.

Some people however are genetically more prone to excess sebum secretion. That requires medication. But in our case, with more pollution, smoke and dirt around us, we need a product that can clean up our face good.

4. The activated carbon in the face wash absorbs the dirt, excess oils, soot, etc. from under the skin and turmeric kills off the bacteria and other harmful microbes. This gives a two-fold effect on your skin.

Along with these two primary ingredients, the turmeric carbon face wash is made using milk proteins, aloe vera extract and vegetable glycerin. The milk proteins nourish your skin while aloe vera hydrates it and the vegetable glycerin moisturises your skin keeping it soft and supple.

aloe vera soap

All these ingredients in the face wash help you keep your skin protected, rejuvenated and shining.

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