Why is Activated Carbon Cosmetic Products Getting Much Hype?

Beauty and cosmetics is a blooming field in the health and fitness industry. The industry keeps on reinventing itself every now and then. One of the recent innovation of the cosmetic industry is the usage of activated charcoal or activated carbon in cosmetic products.

What are Activated Carbon Cosmetic Products 

Activated carbon cosmetic products are products like face wash, soaps, face scrubs, face masks, hand wash, etc., that uses a considerable amount of activated charcoal or activated carbon in it. These products have the usual ingredients in them but apart from them, these also contains fine powdered activated carbon. Activated carbon helps in providing a number of benefits like absorption of oil, cleaning of skin, removal of dead cells, etc. These products generally have a better cleaning and healing abilities. 

What is Activated Carbon?

Activated Charcoal powder

Activated carbon is the fine powder that is obtained by burning charcoal, coconut shells, and other carbon rich products. This finely ground powder has a larger surface area and hence higher rate of reaction with other particles. Since, the carbon powder reacts with oxygen and other oxidising agents, it has many properties that provide health benefits. Activated carbon can be produced from a number of raw materials .

However, in India, activated charcoal or activated carbon is manufactured from the coconut shells that are found in abundance. 

The unique property of activated carbon is that it has a very high surface area per gram. One gram of activated carbon can has a surface area of more than more than 30000 square feet. This very high surface area increases the gas adsorpion and reactivity of the material. Hence, it is generally used in industrial and chemical processes. 

General Uses of Activated Carbon

Some of the general uses of activated carbon are in industrial processes like 

  • Used in chemical reactions that require rapid removal of oxygen.
  • Removal of organic impurities from the products.
  • Cleaning and finishing up of metal products.
  • Used as a deoxidising agent. 
  • Activated carbon is also used in removal of impurities, pollutants and other harmful particles.
  • Purification of air, water.
  • Removal of volatile materials.

Some of the Common Products That Use Activated Carbon

In the beauty and health industry, activated carbon is used in a number of products like face wash, soaps, face scrubs, hand wash, etc. 
Earthe Essentials is one of the leading cosmetic brands in India, that manufactures and markets high quality premium health care and beauty products. We have the best activated carbon soaps in India. Another flagship product of Earthe Essentials is our activated carbon face wash that deep cleanses and exfoliates the face. It also removes excess oil from the skin thereby providing a clean and healthy face for you.

Similarly, activated carbon face mask and scrub, exfoliates the dead skin and dead cells from the face. It provides a smooth an soft skin thereby enhancing the glow of your face.

Is the Hype Behind Activated Carbon Products Justified?

It is true that there is a huge hype behind the activated carbon products in the cosmetic industry. The question however is, is it just a marketing gimmick or is it truly beneficial?

Activated carbon is an active ingredient in many of the Earthe Essentials products. It is added in addition to the regular ingredients of the products, which makes it more potent. For eg, our activated carbon soaps are good at removing the dead skin cells, deep cleansing the body and removing harmful bacteria and microbes that causes body odour.

When compared with regular soap, our activated carbon soaps provide better result in protecting your body from odour. Similarly, activated carbon tooth powder provides complete oral cleaning and whitening of teeth. The testimonials from our satisfied customers acknowledges the same. 

Using activated carbon in tooth powder or soaps is not an entirely new invention. It has been practiced in India, since times immemorial. However, using of the age-old ingredients in a novel way to satisfy the needs and demands of the modern customers is what creates the huge demand behind the activated carbon products. 


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