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Why Aloe Vera Soap is Good for Your Skin?

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Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer. You might have felt the chilling effect when you had applied aloe vera gel to your face or skin. This is because aloe vera condenses the water molecules into a gel and stores it within itself. This condensed water along with cellulose and polysaccharides are very useful when it comes to skin care.

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Earth Essentials has used this wonder ingredient in one of its iconic products, the aloe vera & activated carbon soap.

The speciality about this product is that it uses two of the most potent ingredients in the cosmetic industry, Activated Carbon and Aloe Vera.

Activated carbon is made by heating coal or charcoal powder to extreme temperatures. This process “activates” the powder giving it some unique properties. The activated carbon loosens up and creates more space inside it. When applied to your skin, it absorbs the dirt and oil, clinging to them until the are washed away.

This makes the activated carbon soap more effective than your regular soaps. Aloe vera on the other hand is a natural moisturizer. it soothes your skin and freshens it.

Now to the question.

Is Aloe vera soap good for your skin?

No matter what skin type you have, be it dry or oily, scarred or smooth, aloe vera soap suits you. It is particularly effective if you have blemishes, acne scars or other skin problems.

Aloe vera reduces blemishes and softens the skin. It gradually smoothens the scars on your face and after prolonged usage, you can see the scar marks disappear completely.


Skin problems such as acne, rashes, psoriasis, etc are common these days. Due to the overwhelming levels of pollution in the cities, the dust tends to settle on your skin and clings on to them, causing numerous problems. The activated carbon soap helps you deal with them more effectively than your regular soaps.

The activated carbon in the soap helps you detox your skin. Its super absorbent property gives a deep cleanse effect after your wash. Also, it removes oil and excess sebum from your skin. This means, if you have oily skin, this is the soap for you.

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Along with these two ingredients the soap has other important substances added in them too. Talc, glycerin, essential oils, etc. together they help you keep your skin clean, fresh and moisturised.

Talc is an exfoliant and so is activated carbon. If you have dry skin and feel your skin peeling off too often, this soap helps you scrub off the dead skin cells, leaving way for new cells to grow.

The glycerin in the soap helps preserve moisture. The skin naturally moisturises itself and the glycerin helps retain that moisture thereby keeping it cool. If your skin has excess moisture and you sweat a lot, a routine wash using activated carbon soap can help you give you a fresh look.

On the other hand, the aloe vera in the soap adds moisture to your skin on its part. This gives a double protection to your skin against external heat, keeping your skin moist and supple.

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