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Who can Use Activated Carbon Face Wash?

activated carbon face wash

Activated carbon is the most revolutionary substance in the cosmetic industry right now. It owes its success to its inherent properties as a deep cleanser and an exfoliant. Activated carbon is made by heating carbon powder to very high temperatures. This makes the powder to loosen up and gives more space for dirt and oils to be absorbed. Also, the powder being coarse, it acts as a natural scrub. When used in cosmetic products such as soaps, shampoos and face wash’s its effects can be unique.

Earth Essentials has introduced a whole range of skin care products with activated carbon as their primary ingredient. One such product is the activated carbon face wash, made using activated carbon, aloe vera, milk proteins and other essential ingredients for skin care. This amazing face wash has a lot of benefits for both men and women in general and in particular.

Activated Carbon Face Wash for Men

who are very conscious about their clean face, activated carbon face wash can be very helpful, since,

  1. It exfoliates your skin, by removing dead skin cells and paving way for healthier cells and also facial hair follicles.
  2. It helps you remove dirt and soot deposits from your face. With all the pollution around you, the smoke and deposits from the air tends to darken your face. Activated carbon face wash helps you remove these impurities in no time.
  3. It removes excess oil from your skin, helping you keep a clean look. Too often you could be facing this problem of excess oil on your face giving a sticky look. You can avoid that with activated carbon face wash.

Activated Carbon Face Wash for Women

who are more concerned about the youthful looks are to gain more benefits from this face wash, since,

  1. It will help you remove excess sebum from under your skin. This will help you avoid skin problems such as acne, blackheads, etc.
  2. It acts as a scrub on your skin, thereby removing impurities and harmful microbes on your skin. Its absorptive property makes it cling to the dust and dirt and with a quick wash your face will be clean in no time.
  3. The milk proteins in the activated carbon face wash will keep your skin moisturized. Everyone will notice your soft and supple skin and say you have grown younger.
  4. And most of all, it suits all skin types. Oily, dry, tanned, however soft are hard your skin might be, you will notice your face growing healthier by the day.

Activated carbon face wash from Earth Essentials is truly the most advanced product in the face wash category. Unlike your regular face wash products whose effects tend to wear out within a few hours, this face wash tends to be effective for longer periods of time. The amazing benefits of activated carbon has been used by Earthe Essentials in their other products and variants too. Products such as Activated carbon soap, Activated carbon hair mask, Activated carbon tooth powder, etc are being used by millions of skin care enthusiasts, with the products yielding them amazing results.

Get your skin care routine back online and grow younger, use activated carbon face wash from Earth Essentials.

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