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Where to Buy Charcoal Soap in India?

Activated Carbon Luxurious Bathing Bar

Where to Buy Charcoal Soap?

When it comes to Activated Charcoal Soap, you need to be aware of the different brands and their unique products that are available right now. Almost all brands have come up with their own Activated charcoal soap. Some have a premium soap bar and also an ordinary one, while others have one product where they have gone all-in.

So, how do you choose the best brand for you?

The first thing you need to notice is the purpose of the product itself.

You will notice the tag lines such as ‘acne reduction’ or ‘skin glow’, etc on the soap. This shows which type of audience the soap was designed for.

The next thing is to check the other ingredients that were added to the soap. Ingredients such as aloe vera, turmeric etc are very useful in skin care routine, and honestly, not many brands have included them in their Activated charcoal soaps.

After making sure the soap bar will suit you, you can get it and try the same. As with all beauty products, you have to give the soap some time to work its magic on you. You can’t expect your desired results in a day.

Activated Charcoal – Premium Brands

Like we said before, there are several brands in the market these days. Classic brands like Cinthol, Khadi Essentials and new brands like Beardo, MensXP etc have designed their soaps using Activated Charcoal alone. A solid black chunk of a soap bar is what they provide and whether they have plans for any variants is not known yet.

However, from Earthe Essentials, we have developed our Activated Charcoal soaps using the aforesaid natural ingredients and more. We have our own Premium Activated Charcoal Soap, where we use the Activated Charcoal powder as the primary ingredient. Also, we have Turmeric activated charcoal soaps and Aloe vera Activated charcoal soaps as the variants.

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The variants use natural ingredients in the right quantities to provide a balanced mixture that works wonders on all skin types. Be it oily, dry, flaked or scarred, our carefully designed soaps will suit you and give you that glow after you wash.

Where to Buy Earthe Essentials Activated Charcoal Soaps?

You can visit our website to place your order of your favourite soap bar. We also have face wash and body wash products based on activated charcoal.

Best Beauty & Wellness Products in India

The Main advantage of using activated charcoal on your skin is that it provides a deep cleanse and pulls out all the dirt and oils from your skin. It helps you detox your skin and reduces acne and scars. This is why we have made activated charcoal as our primary ingredient in all our products.

Be sure to check out our store for other products you might be interested in. We are here to give you a premium experience in skin and body care, with our finely crafted products.

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