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What are the Benefits of Charcoal Body Wash?

activated carbon body wash

Activated charcoal body wash has lot more benefits than regular body wash products. But, before we get into them, let’s understand how body wash in general works.

Body Wash is similar to soap bars in the sense they cleanse your body. But they are even better sometimes. Your regular soap bars are made using chemicals that usually dry out your skin. You can feel this after your shower or a bath with a soap bar. Body wash however usually contains moisturizers in them and they help maintain your skin’s softness.

Using a wash cloth while applying body wash is recommended since the cloth provides the necessary abrasion for the body wash to work. But these days there are products that can be directly applied and swiped upon.

The rising demand for a quick and clean wash has improved the market for body wash products and many brands have reciprocated with it. Various products with different flavours using different ingredients to suit specific needs have come up.

Among them, the most captivating product right now is the Activated charcoal body wash. From Earthe Essentials, we have made the right product that suits every skin type and provides the best cleansing and relaxing body wash, yet. It is the Activated Carbon Body Wash.

How we Make our Activated Carbon Body Wash and Why You Should Use It?

At Earthe Essentials, we use activated charcoal as our primary ingredient in all our products. This is because of the wonderful nature of activated carbon powder. Activated carbon/charcoal is made by heating coconut shells at very high temperatures. This process breaks down the shells into a fine, super-absorptive powder. The high heat loosens up the molecules and increases the gaps between them. This gap is where all that dirt and dust fill up while you use it for cleaning your body.

The Activated Carbon powder is then carefully mixed with the right amounts of aloe vera extracts and other ingredients. Aloe vera extracts are natural moisturizers and they soften your skin. Aloe vera also reduces the blemishes and scars on your skin.

We have perfected our formula for making the right body wash that suits everyone and here’s the list of its benefits

Activated Carbon Body Wash – Benefits

First off, the activated carbon powder, as we said before is a super-absorbent substance. It pulls out the dirt, excess sebum and dust from under your skin, very effectively. Regular soap bars and body wash products just wash off the dirt from your skin’s surface. This is why your skin loses the shine in a few hours after you use your regular soap. In essence, the activated carbon body wash detoxifies your skin. This effect is not just confined to our body wash, but also our Premium Activated Carbon Soap, where we use the same ingredients along with essential oils such as peppermint oil, spearmint oil, etc.

The Aloe Vera moisturizes your skin, after the activated carbon detoxifies it, thereby providing a complete protection for your skin.

There are several other benefits you can derive from our activated carbon products. The key is to use them regularly.

You will never feel the same after using our products and we guarantee it. After all, we all aim for eternal youth, don’t we?

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