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What are Some of the Best Beauty Products in India?

Some Common Beauty Products

Beauty products come in all shapes and sizes. The variety of products you can see in markets these days will make you wonder, ‘Do people even use this many stuffs?’, and to your surprise, the answer is a resounding yes!

There is a specialised product for everything, a soap for getting rid of acne is different from a soap that can rejuvenate your skin and both these soaps come from the same brand. There are tons of products each with their own unique purposes. Hair oils, hair sprays, gels and creams, body wash gels, face wash products, face masks, hair masks, tooth pastes and powders, mouth wash solutions, and the list goes on. You will not be surprised to know that the beauty care is one of the richest in all major industries.

All the brands you see right now are inclined towards mass manufacture of their various products. This means they use easily available chemical compounds to make them. So, you can question their quality and long-term effects on your body. On the other side, there are brands that are exclusively focussed on making products using natural ingredients.

Best Charcoal Beauty Products

Activated Charcoal is the wonder ingredient for beauty these days. Almost every major brand has adopted to the times and brought forward their own version of activated carbon products. Each brand has its own unique formulae and their products may seem equally competitive. But when it comes to their effectiveness, things may be different.

Activated Charcoal powder is itself a good ingredient for skin care, but using other effective ingredients with it makes a whole different thing. Natural ingredients such as turmeric, aloe vera, essential oils, etc are much more effective in skin care. When you think of Activated Charcoal based products, the first image that might come to your mind is a plain dark covered soap you saw in the super market. Let us make it easy for you now. From now on read the ingredients list in the product before selecting them. this will make is easy for you find the right product that suits you.

So, among the different activated charcoal products, you can choose the ones that use more natural ingredients alongside. For example, most brands use plain activated charcoal powder with their soap powders and give them as an Activated carbon Soap bar, but, at Earthe Essentials we use natural ingredients in almost all our products.

What are the Leading Beauty Products Brands in the Country?

Many major brands have introduced their Activated Charcoal products. Classic brands like Godrej Cinthol, Khadi Essentials, Bombay Shaving Company, Palmolive and new and emerging brands like Beardo, MensXP, The Man Company etc are some of the brands that make quality products using Activated charcoal. These brands and their products are considered expensive and usually we tend to look for affordable options. This is where, we from Earthe Essentials come in. Our brand is dedicated towards making quality body care products at reasonable prices using the best combination of ingredients.


Why Earthe Essentials is Better than Others?

Earthe Essentials is a brand dedicated to make Activated Carbon based body care products. Some of our products include, Activated Carbon Body Wash, Activated Carbon Face Wash, Aloe Vera Activated Carbon Soap, Turmeric Activated Carbon Soap, Activated Carbon Hair Mask, Activated Carbon Shampoo, Activated Carbon Lip Balm, Activated Carbon Tooth Whitening Powder and more.

Our products are designed for all-round purposes, be it skin protection, skin rejuvenation and skin growth. Our Aloe Vera Activated Carbon soap uses Aloe Vera extracts, that moisturize your skin and Essential Oils such as peppermint, Jojoba oil etc that rejuvenates it too.

This combination of overall protection of your skin is a very important factor you need to consider while choosing an Activated Charcoal product.

We are Made in India Skin Care Products

Earthe Essentials’ Activated Carbon tooth whitening powder is another example of how other ingredients are important in the product too. Besides Activated Carbon being the primary ingredient, we use cloves, essential oils and salt to making them. Activated Carbon powder being a deep cleanser, gets rid of harmful bacteria and microbes from the tooth and gums, while cloves act as analgesics and reduce tooth and gum pains, if any.

So, if you are going for an Activated Carbon product, you can trust us from Earthe Essentials, for we make far better products than most brands.

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