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Tips to Relieve Stress After a Tiring Day of Work

Relieve Stress Naturally

Handling a job is the most stressful thing for most people. True, we all wait for the weekend, very eagerly, every single day. We also have tried to love our jobs, but in vain.

No matter how much we try, there’s always someone or something in our office that picks our nerve every day. and the worst part is, we can’t get it out of our head once we get home. Nowadays, during the CoVID situation, work from home is also turning stressful. The deadlines, the chores, the children, and what not.

So, what can we do to relax after our stressful day?

Relieve Stress Naturally

You might have searched for ways to relax, over the internet, at least once. And the websites come up with steps like, go for a walk, listen to soothing music, get a hobby and so on. These may try to relax your mind. But your body needs some relaxation too, right?

Too often we forget that the body and the mind are intricately connected and most times calming our body first leads to faster stress relief. That’s why we need to develop the habit of freshening our bodies after work. This is the first step towards relaxing our minds.

Now, this may include anything from taking a scented bath or a massage. But the important thing is to use the right kind of product that helps your body loosen up and relax.

Earth Essentials’ Body Care Products are very helpful in this regard. The brand has come up with a range of products from Soap bars, hair wash, lip balms etc and they are very effective in terms of body care and rejuvenation.

So, here’s a list of ways for you to relax, after your stressful day.

1. Lie Down for a While

Yes. You need to relax your muscles by laying down on your bed. But you need to clean yourself first. So, take a quick shower after you reach home and dry yourself up. Washing off all that sweat and dirt over you takes off half the pain away. You can use any soap, but why not try something more effective? Like the Activated carbon soap, which can absorb dirt from your skin quickly and cleanse you fast. There are other similar soaps available too. Like Premium Turmeric Soaps, Premium Aloe Vera soaps.

2. Don’t turn on the T.V. Just stretch on the couch

You don’t need the BREAKING NEWS and the screeching music from soap operas to ruin your mood. You need to calm down more. you can relax your eyes, arms and legs in silence for a while and once you get normal, get along with your family, laugh with your children and speak with them.

3. Meditate


No. Not that full-on meditation where you sit down and concentrate with a tight mind. You can just lie back on your chair, close your eyes and watch your breath. You’ll notice your breath slowing, as you can hear yourself inhaling and exhaling, slower and slower every moment. You can also use a face mask while doing this. Face masks absorb the dirt and oil from your skin giving it a deep cleanse. You can apply Earth Essentials’ Activated Carbon Face Mask and let it rest on your face for a while. Close your eyes and relax for a while and then wash your face. You’ll feel fresh and clean then on.

You can also use a Turmeric face mask, a variant of activated carbon face mask, for better effects.

4. Wash Your Face Thoroughly

If you feel you don’t want to sit down or lie down and want to clean up immediately after you get home, you can straight up wash your face with a face wash. Turmeric Carbon Face wash does the job well here. The turmeric in the face wash kills of harmful bacteria and microbes on your skin, while activated carbon deep cleanses your skin. In just a couple of minutes you’ll get fresh and you’ll be more relaxed too.

5. Apply Hair oil and Relax for a while

Sometimes the head aches from the stress needs to be pulled out. Your dry hair could cause you pain both on the scalp and inside the head. You can apply Onion hair oil from Earth Essentials and watch you head become lighter. You can let it rest overnight and, in the morning, you can use Activated carbon shampoo to wash of the oil. The oil nourishes your scalp and protects your hair. It also promotes hair growth. The shampoo helps in exfoliating your scalp. Both provide you with a healthy scalp and hair.

6. Detox with a Body Wash

You can take a quick shower and use Activated carbon body wash to immediately detox your skin. This you can do if you want a change from using a soap or if you feel a soap bath takes longer. Activated carbon body wash is a quick and effective way to get clean.

activated carbon body wash

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