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Stop Hair Fall – Apply Onion Oil For Hair Growth

stop hair loss

The most common problem for people these days, other than work, is hair fall. The stress of the fast life reflects in people’s health in any number of ways and the most prominent effect is hair loss. People worry more about losing their hair than gaining weight and becoming obese.

Research shows humans lose an average of 60 hair strands every day. But what happens if you lose more than that?

The fear of going bald.

Many leading hair care treatments employ the usage of strong and potent chemical substances like Minoxidol. While, the chemical certainly stimulates hair growth, it has to be applied with extreme care to the dosage. Overdose can lead to other side effects.

Fortunately, there is an effective solution, Onion oil. Onion oil is an ayurvedic product widely used for stopping hair fall and to regrow hair. Onion juice has plenty of anti-oxidants in it which helps the epidermal layers of the body to produce enzymes that prevent hair loss and helps hair growth. Also, onion oil for hair growth is rich in sulphur, which prevents thinning of hair and breakage.

Using onion oil on a regular basis will effectively prevent hair loss and baldness.

hair oil for hair loss

What causes Hair Fall?

There are plenty of reasons people face this problem. It may occur gradually or suddenly and here are a few reasons why this problem occurs.

  1. Heredity – Its in the genes. Male-pattern baldness or hereditary baldness is a condition that runs in the family. Although there is no cure for fixing the genes, treatments like hair plantation is an effective solution to this condition. But the problem is, these procedures prove expensive. The other solution is to go for natural remedies like using onion oils, which provide results when done continuously.

  2. Hormones – Changes in hormones especially in women, during pregnancy, childbirth or menopause can significantly affect the hair growth cycle and sometimes increased hair fall.

  3. Stress – Going through extreme stress, both in men and women can affect the cycle too. Stress can deprive the hair of essential nutrients making them weaker.

  4. Infections – Fungal and bacterial skin infections can reduce the amount of hair on the scalp, causing balding or hair thinning.

  5. Excessive use of shampoo and other products – Hair care products like shampoo, Gels and creams contain a lot of chemical that affect the scalp directly, leading to permanent loss of hair. The alternative is to go for natural products or choosing shampoo with as minimal chemicals as possible.

  6. Pollution – The major cause for hair loss these days. The dust and smoke in the air get settled in the scalp and scrub it throught the day, causing itchy scalps. With a stressed scalp hair growth is impeded.

Remedies for Hair Fall and Hair Loss

Although modern medicine has devised several techniques like LASER therapy, Hair plantation, infusing platelet-rich plasma into the scalp, etc. it is not viable for all people. So it is best to turn towards natural medicine. Onion juice, hibiscus leaves, essential oils, coconut oil, green tea and aloe vera are common natural treatments for hair growth.

Of the above the most useful and efficient is the onion juice. The onion oils are made by mixing a proportion of regular oils with onion juice. This results in a chemical free mixture which is both safe and cost effective.

Benefits of onion hair oil

  1. Nourishes the scalp – Onion oil when applied spreads over the scalp and provides the essential nutrients needed for hair growth. It also strengthens the roots and improves blood circulation in hair follicles.

  2. It prevents greying of hair – The essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in onion hair oil help in reversing premature greying of hair. Regular use of onion hair oil improves the texture and maintain the pH of hair which also helps in this regard.

  3. Dandruff treatment – The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of onion oil help in warding off dandruff and treats scalp infections from within the root.

  4. Natural conditioner – Onion oil is a natural conditioner that can be used before using shampoo on the hair. It also prevents dryness of the hair.

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