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Should I use Onion Oil for Hair growth?

Onion hair oil is for both hair loss prevention and to grow new hair.

When you hear people talking about onion oil, you might hear them say, ‘it’s natural’ or ‘it’s good for my hair’ or sometimes, ‘I’ve been applying it on my head for a month now but I don’t see any changes’.

All of them are true.

Yes, it is natural, yes, it is good for your hair and scalp and no, you can’t sense the changes in just about a month.

Onion hair oil is made from onion extracts and it is rich with enzymes that help the cells in our scalp grow. You must remember that your hair has gone through years of changes. All the hair lotions you have applied so far, all the shampoos you have used to clean your hair, have an immense effect on your hair and scalp. These changes could have damaged the cells lining your scalp and some of these changes might be irreversible.

With such complexity in your head, is it fair to expect results in just a month after using onion hair oil?

We live in a time where people expect immediate results, forgetting the fact that a fast change is most times easy to break down. Keeping this in mind, we can now understand how onion hair oil works on our hair and scalp.

How Onion Oil for Hair Growth Works

The extracts from onion that is used to make onion hair oil, is rich in sulphur. This element is very crucial in synthesising amino acids such as cysteine and methionine. These are the same anti-oxidant compounds that help protect your cells from damage. Onion being rich in sulphur and onion extracts being directly applied to your scalp will help the cells in your scalp from getting damaged. This way onion hair oil helps prevent hair loss.

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Eventually with healthy cells in your scalp they will get ready to continue their function, growing new hair follicles. All this takes a considerable amount of time and it varies from person to person, depending upon the amount of damage we have done to our hair previously.

How to Use Onion Hair Oil

You might be wondering how to use onion extracts everyday without the hassles of extracting them. This is where the best available onion hair oil product in the market comes in. Earth Essentials has developed a revolutionary hair growth formula with onion oil as the base, the Earthe Essentials Onion Hair Oil.

Along with onion extracts, the oil also contains extracts from gooseberry, bhringaraj and 14 natural oils in it. the sulphur rich onion extracts in the oil helps repair your hair and scalp, while the gooseberry extracts rich in vitamins and minerals help stimulate your hair follicles. The Bhringaraj or false daisy is well known for revitalising your hair follicles and promoting hair growth.

The Earth Essentials onion hair oil also uses oils such as coconut oil, gingelly oil, argemone oil, castor oil, mustard oil, olive oil, etc. each of which is well known for their benefits in our body.

It also helps in treating pattern baldness.

As a whole the onion hair oil from Earth Essentials in a complete package for your hair and scalp health.

Along with this, Earth Essentials has introduced a whole range of body care products. The brand has made Activated Carbon as their primary ingredient in most of its products. Activated carbon soaps, activated carbon shampoos, hair masks, face masks, tooth whitening powder, lip balms and more.

Regular use of these products can help you maintain your skin and also get younger too. In our case of onion hair oil, you will get better results if you use activated carbon shampoo to rinse of your hair and applying the onion hair oil while gently massaging your scalp with it.

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