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Is Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder Good for Your Teeth?

activated charcoal toothpowder

Activated carbon tooth whitening powder is the most unique product Earth Essentials has produced till date. Tooth care is very essential and it requires careful selection of ingredients to maintain healthy teeth.

Activated carbon tooth whitening powder, as the name implies, uses activated carbon as the prime ingredient. Carbon powder is heated to very high temperatures to make activated carbon. This activation process turns the powder into a super absorbent material. Also, the powder gains scrub like qualities too.

Amazingly, activated carbon is also being used in various body care products like soaps, hair wash, face wash, face mask, etc.

So, what makes this substance so unique, you might think.

Benefits of Activated Carbon Powder

Activated carbon is clings on to oils, dust and dirt and removes them from your body very effectively. As a tooth powder, its porous quality helps remove plaques from your teeth. It acts as a detox for your teeth. And it is very effective than your regular tooth pastes and powders in this regard.

Another advantage is activated carbon removes the harmful bacteria and microbes on your gums. These microbes weaken the roots and cause tooth fall. We see several cases of tooth decay these days. They are because of improper eating habits and poor-quality tooth pastes.

Activated carbon tooth powder helps you in maintaining your teeth clean and keeps your gums healthy.

Other Ingredients in Activated Carbon Tooth Powder

Besides activated carbon, Earth Essentials has included some well-known natural ingredients to make their tooth whitening powder. Cloves, salt, peppermint, spearmint oil, etc are some of them.

Together, these ingredients give you a fresh breath and a clean mouth.

Cloves are natural analgesic. It is well known for freshening your breath. Also, it removes caries and infections and reduces tooth pain. hence, it is strongly recommended if you have prolonged tooth ache problems.

Salt, is a well known anti-biotic. It prevents growth of bacteria and microbes and also kills them away. It also helps in strengthening your gums.

Some Common Oral Health Problems and How Activated Carbon Treats Them


Cavities in tooth happen if harmful bacteria start eroding the enamel and drill through the teeth.  The only solution is to remove the bacteria form your mouth. Using activated carbon tooth powder, you can flush them out very easily.

Root infection

Root infection occurs when bacteria infects the root of your teeth. It can be very painful and, in some cases, it might lead to tooth decay. Activated carbon helps prevent this by sucking out the harmful bacteria from under your gums.

Stained Teeth

you might be wondering how to get rid of those yellow stains on your teeth. It is generally known that teeth are a little yellow and not pure white. But sometimes they get stained too much and you need to take immediate action. Activated carbon tooth whitening powder will scrub off those stains. It is slightly abrasive in nature. You will notice your stained teeth brightening day by day.

Sensitive Teeth

They may result if you have gum diseases, or cracked tooth or if your enamel wears out too much. Activated carbon addresses the root of this problem itself. It will protect your teeth and strengthen your gums. Your regular use of activated carbon tooth powder is all that is needed here.

How do you use it?

Rinse your mouth thoroughly first. Then, apply the activated carbon tooth powder uniformly on your mouth. Cover all your teeth and gums with the powder. You can use your toothbrush too.

After this, gently massage all the teeth on all sides.

Follow this procedure regularly and you will notice your tooth whitening every day.

Overall, activated carbon tooth powder is good for you. It is much better than your regular toothpastes and powders. You will notice the change and recommend it to people too.

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