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Hair Fall is also Caused by Polluted in Cities – How To Stop Hair Fall

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Pollution has caused severe health risks among people in recent decades. Lung problems being the most prevalent, the dermal problems like itchy skin, discolouration, heat burns and more importantly hair loss.


Hair is very vulnerable towards pollution, since it is mostly left unprotected by many while going out. Sure, people can wear caps and helmets while riding bikes. But it still causes sweating and the moment you take off the cap, the dust in the air stick with the sweat even more effectively.

Research shows particles from pollutants like vehicle fuels lead to dust, smoke, lead, arsenic and sulphur dioxide etc. settle on the hair and scalp resulting in scalp sensitivity. This leads to a prickling sensation on the scalp, itching, dandruff, oily scalp and pain in the hair roots. If not taken care off properly, the conditions could worsen and can cause hair follicles to shed prematurely gradually decreasing the density of hair in the scalp.

Pollution can also cause male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. This condition can present with overall thinning, thinning at the crown, finer texture, a widening of the parting line and a receding hairline at the temples that produces an ‘M’ shape.

So, how to stop hair fall this problem or to be even more accurate, how to prevent it hair loss?

There are several natural and chemical products available to protect hair from pollution. One such product is the Activated charcoal hair mask. Yes, activated charcoal and a hair mask made out of it.

A Hair mask is different from regular conditioners. It is denser and its ingredients are more concentrated. While a regular conditioner is intended for daily use, a hair mask can be used once a week to cleans the hair and give it a fresh feel.

In case of activated charcoal hair mask, its primary ingredient activated charcoal is a super dense substance. Activated charcoal has its own set of unique benefits with respect to body care. It is made up of charcoal from wood or coal having oxidised by steam treating it. This makes the substance highly absorptive. It can be used as a bath scrub to give the skin a clean look. Some other benefits of activated charcoal are,

  • It pulls out toxins from the scalp. It absorbs the dust from the hair and also removes toxins, excess oil and sweat from the scalp, keeping it clean.
  • Activated Charcoal Hair Mask exfoliates the scalp by gently scrubbing off the dead skin cells, removing the extra weight and giving a lighter feeling on the head.
  • It promotes hair growth too since it helps remove the sebum and deep cleanses the pores. Sebum is an oily substance produced by the pores under the skin. When it gets mixed with dead skin cells, they block the follicles out which the hair grows out. The mildly abrasive activated charcoal scrubs off sebum and give way for hair to grow out.
  • It works on all hair textures as well. So, fearing it might wash away the hair colour is a thing of the past with it.

Along with these, activated charcoal doesn’t leave any residue in the hair like regular conditioners. Since activated charcoal is non sticky in nature, it doesn’t mix with other substances but only clings to them. When it does so with the dust in the hair, it can be easily washed away.

An activated charcoal hair mask has a range of advantages over other anti-pollution hair products. Using it regularly will keep your hair healthy and protected.

You can also use an activated charcoal shampoo and onion hair oil for hair growth.

Now, before using it, you must also control the use of hair styling products like gels, creams and sprays, because they attract the dust particles from the air and hold on to them tightly.

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