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How to Protect Yourself from the Second Wave of COVID19?

CoVID-19 brought forward several new hygiene practices. It made us wash hands more often, cover our mouths quickly before we sneezed, wearing masks, keeping a distance from people and a lot more. We learnt a lot through 2020 and it is highly probable that we need to use those lessons for an even longer time. The second wave of CoVID-19 is said to hit us any moment now and it seems people have grown oblivious to its dangers.


People have grown vexed of the disease partly because of the drop in their livelihoods due to economic inactivity and majorly because the vaccines have arrived. But this doesn’t mean the disease and the virus have gone off. We need to be as cautious as we were when the pandemic first started, because the mutative nature of the virus can make it more dangerous if the second wave hits us.

So, here are a few tips to follow to keep you and your loved ones safe during these times of turmoil,

Wear the Protection Kit Everywhere You Go

Masks, gloves, pocket sanitizers, face shields and any other protective substance must be kept in hand all the time. You must remember that your safety is your personal responsibility and should not shy away from using these products. Your safety measures can protect your family too.

Many sanitary brands have come up with different varieties of sanitary lotions and gels. You can get any of them and keep them at your side. But when you want the best protections for you and your children, you should check out the Moisturizing hand sanitizer rub developed by Earthe Essentials. It is the most effective sanitizing solutions in the market till date.

Find out more about the effectiveness of our Hand Sanitiser.

Avoid Crowded Places and Events

Parties, Shopping, Social gatherings etc, must be avoided at all costs. There are potential hotspots for the disease to spread. If it is an unavoidable social gathering and you come back home after, you must take a bath immediately. This will help you wash off those viruses and bacteria sticking to your skin. Among the many soap products available, activated carbon soap by Earthe Essentials has been tested to be the most effective, since the activated carbon is best known to give a deep cleanse and remove harmful microbes from the skin and under it.


Work from Home

2020 proved that every non-essential business can be run online. It is high time the new normal gets naturalised. If in case your company shifts back to the old trends, you can join with your colleagues to opt for work from home. This way you can keep yourself and your colleagues safe from infections.

Cancel Your Travel Plans (temporarily)

If you had been planning to go on a vacation or a trip with your family, you should cancel the trip and tickets. Summer is approaching and your children might have wanted to go to a hill station for a retreat, but every child wants the same. If all the parents take their children to a crowded spot, think of how easily the virus could spread. So, to be on the safe side, postpone your travel plans.

Avoid Processions and Celebratory Gatherings

This is in tune with the above point about crowded places. But with many festivals and political events happening around us, you might get tempted to go towards them, at least for a visit. But, don’t go there. These are potential hotspots for the virus to spread.

Use Hand Wash Regularly

Even if you are confined to your homes for most part of the day, there are chances of infections whenever you venture out. You might visit the grocery store or even take a small walk in the street. Whenever you get back, you have to wash your hands with a good hand wash solution.

Keeping your hands disinfected can save you from many more diseases than CoVID.

Earthe Essentials’ Activated Carbon Hand Wash is a great solution to this need. It has been proven to be better than most conventional hand wash products. It uses activated carbon powder as its primary ingredient and flushes out the germs and microbes from your hands in a flash.

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