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How to Get Naturally Pink Lips with Lip Balms?

Lip balms are waxy substances that are used to moisturize the lips and provide relief to dryness and cold sores. They are made using beeswax, paraffin or sometimes camphor.

We have started our way through summer and it is very essential that you carry a lip balm with yourself all the time. The high temperatures and the pollution around us will soon dry out your lips and may sometimes lead to cracked lips. And we all know how painful it is when the skin from our lips peels off. So, better safe than sorry.

Which brand of Lip Balm is the best?

Now the most obvious question is, which lip balm from which brand is the best, because we need the best product for the best cost, right? There are a lot of brands that make their own unique product. You might have come across brands like Nivea, Biotique, Lakme etc. The varieties of flavours they provide are also a lot.

However, these products can suit some of us and not all of us. Some may find them highly effective on their lips, while the others might find only specific products from specific brands effective on their lips.

To clear the confusion of suiting all people with a good product, we from Earthe Essentials have come up with four different variants of lip balms.

Earthe Essentials Lip Balms

We have designed out lip balms with utmost care and perfect calculations of ingredients and their proportions. Here’s the list of our lip balm variants,

Activated Carbon Lip Balm


Peach flavoured is where we use activated carbon powder with peach extracts and shea butter. This lip balm will help you detox your lips by pulling out dirt and dust from it. the activated carbon powder is a super-absorbent material that has been proven to be the best for detox purposes.

Strawberry Lip Balm


We use strawberry extracts with shea butter and jojoba oil to make this. The strawberry moisturizes your lips. It also gives you a pleasant fragrance and turns them pink keeping them fresh throught the day. So, if you want pink and soft lips, you best choice is this one.

Blueberry Lip Balm


Blueberry extracts, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil are used to make this lip balm. The blueberry being rich in anti-oxidants will protect your lips from harmful ions and oxidisers. If you have cracked skin on your lips, you could go with blueberry lip balm.

Turmeric Lip Balm

The Turmeric lip balm is similar to blueberry lip balm in the sense it is also rich in anti-oxidants and it is a natural disinfectant. Hence, this lip balm will protect you form harmful microbes and bacteria. This is the best lip balm for summer, to protect you from any infection form the air.


The Jojoba oil provides a waxy texture to the lip balm and helps retain the lip balm on your lips, while the shea butter is a powerful emollient. It prevents your lips from drying out.

Can Men Use Lip balms?

This question is a result of polarising many products as “only for women”.

Lip balms and most other body care products are gender neutral and everyone can use them. the ultimate aim is for each of us to protect our body and skin from any harm. Hence it is advisable for men to use them too.

Our Lip balms are designed as unisex products. So, men, don’t shy away. Protect your lips for your women.

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