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How Onion Oil Can Induce Hair Growth

Onion Oil for Hair Growth

Hair is historically equated with pride. You might have read about the old tales of kings and rulers who have cut the hair of defeated rulers. Similarly people donate their hair to the temples by tonsuring their heads. Almost all religions expect tonsuring by devotees. The hair forms a central part in the lore of our human history. It is in this grand context that we have to understand the importance of onion.

How Onion Oil Can Induce Hair Growth

There are tonnes of hair care products available in the recent years. You might have noticed a long list of advertisements popping up in your social media feed, a few moments after you googled for “the best oil for hair growth”.

True, a lot of businesses have taken up new research and are making new products every day, not just in the body care products. But out of all those products, which best suits you, you ask?

Well, that’s a decision you have to make while looking through the product and its description.

With a lot of products made out of chemicals and the people’s growing fear of allergies and complications, products based on natural ingredients have started gaining traction these days.

One such product is the onion hair oil. You might ask, ‘Do they not use a single drop of chemical while making this?’ Of course not.

Onion hair oil is made using onion juice as the primary ingredient with Gooseberry, a mixture of 10+ natural oils and a range of herbs to produce a concoction that suits every type of hair. It has a lot of benefits compared to regular hair oils made up of coconut oil mixed with other ingredients.

Onion juice, being traditionally used for hair growth and to stop hair fall, is mixed with other nourishing ingredients to make onion hair oil. Here’s a list of benefits of onion hair oil and how it helps promote hair growth

  1. Onion Hair oil is rich in anti-oxidants. They help in optimizing the hair growth cycle and boost the enzymes that are required for hair growth. You can also check out our How to Treat pattern Baldness to know more about it.
  2. The sulphur in onion hair oil reduces hair damage and hair loss. It also prevents thinning of hair, split ends and increases the shine and elasticity of the hair.
  3. Onion hair oil helps in maintaining the pH of the hair, there by reducing the greying effect, giving your hair a dark and shiny look all day.
  4. Onion hair oil nourishes your scalp, increases blood flow in it and provides the hair follicles the nutrients necessary for hair growth. When you use it regularly you can see hair growing back on the spots you thought had gone bald.

    When you use chemical products like minoxidil topical (Mintop) Solutions, you might have noticed your hair starting to fall again if you miss using them for a few days.

    They are designed that way so that you keep using them and keep buying them. This is not the case for onion hair oil, which is entirely natural and doesn’t have such side effects.
  5. Onion oil is also a conditioner. You can use it before you shampoo your hair to give it a silky-smooth texture after your shower. If you still have a dry and unmanageable hair, check out our articles How to Treat Dry & Unmanageable hair.
  6. Onion oil helps in your fight against dandruff and other hair related problems.

You can make onion hair oil at home too. All you need to do is, heat some extracted pure oil like coconut oil for a few minutes and once it gets hot enough, add chopped onions into it.

hair oil for hair loss

You can also add curry leaves too, since they are good for your hair. Once the onion gets heated up, it releases its juices into the oil and gets brown.

Take the mixture off the heat and strain it and your own home-made onion hair oil is ready. Blending onion juice and castor oil is double advantageous.

Castor oil, though highly sticky, can be mixed with onion juice to boost your hair growth and help maintain a healthy scalp.

Castor oil has Anti-fungal properties that helps against infections, dandruff and blemishes on the scalp along with boosting hair growth.

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