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How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair?

dry damaged hair

When it comes to shampooing your hair, there’s no single answer on how often you should do it and what type of shampoo you should use. It filters down to your personal preferences and your hair type.

There are people who shampoo their hair almost every day and then there are people who don’t use shampoo at all. Whether they apply oil to their hair or not, or what type of shampoo the everyday users have or did they find that one perfect shampoo that best suits them, all of this is a big probability game.

The chances that you find your soul mate shampoo is debatable too, since there are tonnes of different brands each with their various types of shampoos available in the market.

For Dry Hair

If you have dry hair, shampooing too often may cause your hair to shrivel up and break, since it removes the even little sebum in your hair and scalp. So, you can go for a plain wash in the shower.

dry damaged hair

For Oily Hair

On the other hand, if you have oily hair, you can shampoo regularly, since you don’t want any dust or soot from the air to get attracted by the oil and give you an itchy scalp.

For Unhealthy Hair with Dandruff

People with hair problems like dandruff, excessive hair loss, hair breakage, etc., should be careful while choosing their shampoo and also check if their regular shampoo actually works in solving the problem. There are cases where the shampoos don’t work and people go on using it, believing it works out on the long run.

If you do have any skin or scalp-based allergies, you must check up with a dermatologist if your shampoo doesn’t work and rule out the possibility that the condition is serious.

Now, taking all this in mind, what shampoo could best suit everyone and more specifically, you? The newest product that’s gaining momentum in hair care products is the activated charcoal shampoo. Regular shampoos use a load of chemicals that in the long run are harmful for your hair and scalp.

Activated charcoal shampoos however use the special ingredient in its name, activated charcoal, for better cleansing of hair and enhanced protection of your scalp.

Before we get to see the benefits of activated charcoal, let’s first see how shampoo works and how often you should use it.

How Activated Carbon Shampoo Works

  • Shampoos absorb the oils in the scalp and produce lather, the foamy white mass of bubbles that rise up with every stroke on your head. This lather can be easily washed off. If you have an oily scalp or if you sweat a lot and find your scalp sticky all the time, you can use shampoo every day.
  • On the other hand, if you have a dry skin and apply hair oils regularly to moisturise the scalp, you could shampoo once or twice a week when your scalp gets itchy.
  • Pollution around us and the dust and smoke settling on the scalp can cause the skin to secrete sweat and oils. If you find yourself constantly exposed to outside air you could choose a shampoo that you can use almost every day, to keep your hair clean and healthy.
  • In case, if you have other hair related problems like dandruff, you could use shampoo regularly since dandruff is formed when a fungus feeds on the excess oil in the scalp and the oil is not properly removed regularly.
  • If you use hair style products like creams and sprays, you need to make sure they don’t settle on you scalp and cause itching. In this case you can limit the use of such products and use shampoo regularly until you stop using them.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Activated charcoal products are in general good for body care. When it comes to activated charcoal shampoo, you can feel the following benefits on regular use. Try our activated carbon hair mask for removing dandruff and other dirt.

  • Activated charcoal is made using charcoal derived from wood, peat or coal and then heating it to activate the carbon in it. This process converts the charcoal into a highly absorbent material that can absorb and hold on to dust and oil very firmly until it is washed away.
  • Also, the activated charcoal has a large surface area, meaning it can absorb hundreds of times its mass when used. So, a little amount of activated charcoal shampoo can help clean your hair in a short time than your regular shampoo.
  • One added advantage of activated charcoal shampoo is that it is a natural scrub and can gently wash of dead skin cells on the scalp giving it a clean & fresh feel.
  • Activated charcoal shampoo also helps in dandruff control and elimination. The absorbent property of activated charcoal helps in flushing out excess sebum and gives no room for growth of fungus and flaking.
  • Using onion hair oil along with activated charcoal shampoo gives a combined benefit of nourishing your hair and washing the toxins from your scalp. Onion hair oil is an excellent product that’s time and again tested for hair growth, hair loss prevention and hair care.
  • Activated charcoal helps in hair growth too, since it exfoliates the scalp and gives room for hair follicles to grow, regular use of activated charcoal shampoo helps in growth of new hair.
  • Above all these, activated charcoal shampoo is suitable for all types of hair and you don’t need to worry thinking if it works on you or not.

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