How Good is Your Hand Sanitiser? Check Here

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The CoVID -19 pandemic has affected the world in impossibly complex ways. Among other things, it has brought people to realise an important factor in their everyday lives, cleanliness and sanitisation. When it comes to sanitisation, the demand for good sanitizers have risen in recent months with stores putting up out-of-stock boards after their shelves go empty as soon as they fill them up.

This brings up an important question, “Are those sanitisers sold in retail outlets, good enough and up to standard?”

Will they save you from viral infections like CoVID19?

Before we answer that question, what are hand sanitisers?

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

A hand sanitiser is a gel or a liquid or a foam-based substance that removes any infectious microbes from the hands. They work against a wide range of microbes except spores. They are made using alcohol as the primary ingredient since alcohol immediately kills the microbes as soon as it comes in contact with them

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Now, How Good is Your Hand Sanitiser?

The rise in demand for sanitisers have created a lot of fake products that are usually under-effective or over-effective. That is sometimes they don’t work and sometimes they are more potent that they should be. So, here are some important points to keep in mind while using them,

  1. Alcohol content – there are two types of sanitisers available, alcohol-based and alcohol-free sanitisers. Either of them is effective against infections, but it is advisable to go for alcohol-based sanitisers. A good sanitizer has atleast 60% alcohol content in it. The usual contents are isopropyl alcohol, ethanol (ethyl alcohol), or n-propanol along with other ingredients. So, using sanitizers with alcohol content ranging between 60 % and 95 % is optimal.
  2. Effectiveness – The effectiveness of hand sanitiser depends on different factors like the manner in which it is applied, the quantity used, the duration of exposure, the frequency of use, etc. In general, alcohol-based sanitizers if applied on hand and rubbed thoroughly for about 30 seconds and the hands air dried can help remove the microbes effectively.

Is it a good idea to make our own hand sanitisers at home?

No. Absolutely not.

Preparation of hand sanitizers requires usage of alcohol, a flammable substance it is not advisable to try this at home. There are plenty of products available in the market. And if your local store runs out of stock, there is always the option to buy sanitizer online.

Here too, kindly check for the contents before you order them. Make sure they have a minimum of 60 % alcohol content in them if you opt for alcohol-based sanitisers. Our Earthe Essentials Hand Sanitisers have more than 70% ethyl alcohol which makes them very effective. Apart from killing and neutralising bacteria and virus, the hand sanitizer is also useful to prevent spread of fungal infections.

While using alcohol-based sanitizers be wary of their flammability and kindly avoid getting near open fire or flames.

Do not go near open fire or places where there is a higher chance for fire. Remember, to take the necessary precautions and wash your hands and remove all that inflammable material before going near naked flame.

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