How Earthe Essentials Makes High Quality of Products

Earthe Essentials Facility

Earthe Essentials is the most popular brand in Activated carbon products. Every product we have come up with is uniquely designed to provide you with utmost care and comfort. We use activated carbon as our primary ingredient. This is evident in our products such as Activated Carbon Soap, Activated Carbon Body Wash, Activated Carbon Face Mask, Activated Carbon Face Wash, Activated Carbon Hair Mask, Activated Carbon Hand Wash, Activated Carbon Lip Balm and more.

Sourcing Ingredients

To maintain our standards and the quality of the final products we choose the rest of the ingredients very carefully and source them from exquisite suppliers. For example, Activated Carbon Turmeric soap, a variant of our signature Activated carbon soap uses turmeric as its secondary ingredient. We import turmeric from the Land of Spices, Kerala, from the farmers directly. This way we make sure our ingredients are fresh and of top quality. Blueberry Lip balm, is a variant of Activated Carbon Lip Balm is made using Blueberry extracts we import from the U.S. we make sure that every gram of every ingredient is of finest quality. This is what is reflected in the price of our final products.

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Production Line

Once we source our ingredients, they are sent to the production line, where our experienced staff start the process for each individual product. When it comes to soap making, handmade soaps are considered to be the top quality. We make our soaps the old-fashioned way because it ensures every unit of the product is made using the same quantity of ingredients and meets our standards. Activated Carbon Shampoo for example, is made using Activated Carbon Powder, Aloe Vera extracts, Milk proteins like casein and silk proteins like fibroin and sericin. It takes skill to combine these ingredients together in the right ratio. Our formulae for each of the products are protected and upgraded if and only if necessary. That is, we test them to make improvements too. With well trained staff and a well-established procedure, our process of making the best body care products is state-of-the-art.

Earthe Essentials Facility

Automation and Expertise

With state-of-the-art machinery in our facility, we make contamination-free products with the best ingredients. In some cases, we have automated the procedures too. For example, making Activated Carbon Tooth Whitening powder involves ingredients such as cloves and salt along with Activated carbon. We can’t allow any contamination in the process and hence, we use specialised machines to grind, mix and stabilise the ingredients and product the final product. Each of the products we make goes through a specific time framed procedure involving machines and expert interventions.

Quality Control and Assurance

Every batch of our products is tested by our quality control team using specific tests. For example, Carbon Turmeric Face mask is made using activated carbon, turmeric, glycerine, milk proteins and aloe Vera extracts. Our QC team takes three random samples from every batch and check the percentage of the said ingredients in them. Only after the QC team’s approval the batch is sent to the packaging line. We pride ourselves with creating a Zero error procedure while manufacturing our products and hence, there is zero chance of quality compromise.

Packaging and Shipping

Once we receive your order, our shipping procedure begins. Our marketing team forwards your order towards our store manager who then processes the order and selects your requested products and sends them to the packaging team. We pack your product safely and seal them with your invoice and our brochure for your reference and further information. The package is then shipped to your address through the best delivery service in our location. We make sure our shipment is delivered to you by acknowledging it with our delivery service company. Also, you will receive an order confirmation mail when you place an order and also a shipment confirmation order once we send the product to you. We make sure you have the best experience with both our products and our procedures.

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