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Do you still Need to Wash Hands & Use Hand Sanitisers in 2021?

Happy New Year

The year 2021 is about to dawn and are you still using hand sanitisers? It had been a long year and a weary one for everyone in the world. All over the globe, many countries have suffered in varying levels but the suffering was common. Almost 2 million people died.

But they new year is about to dawn with hope and promise. Britain had already launched it’s vaccine and many countries are following the suit. It is a welcome change.

However, do you still need to use sanitisers?

I know, you have seen people gathering in large groups and even political parties and politicians have started to conduct large rallies. Of course, not to miss the religious rallies and processions but is it safe for you now?

India is the second most affected country in the world. Without going into the politics and reasons behind such an enormous number, lets focus on the thing that we have to do, to keep ourselves safe.

hand sanitiser

Yes, You Still Have To Use Hand Sanitiser

Ever since hand sanitizers came into our lives, there has always been a debate on which is better, a simple wash with soap or a rub with sanitizers. Although hand sanitizers are effective against most microbes, studies have found that they are ineffective against some bacteria and viruses.

Most hand sanitizers contain 62 – 70% alcohol in them. This alcohol and other compounds in them break down the microbes and kill them instantly. But no matter how effective they are, some microbes like norovirus, Giardia or the diarrhoea causing bacteria, Clostridium, cannot be killed away.

Moreover, the corona virus had mutated in United Kingdom and the new strain is already spreading across the world. Nobody knows the efficacy of the vaccine against this new strand. That is if we assume that the vaccine will work.

This is why most doctors prescribe to wash our hands with soap or hand wash. It is particularly evident during these CoVID times that washing our hands with soap or hand wash is more helpful in keeping ourselves clean.


Now, you might wonder what’s the difference between a soap and a hand wash. In terms of cleanliness, they are both good. But liquid hand wash is much better than bar soaps when it comes to keeping your skin moisturised.

The price difference between the soap bar and your liquid hand wash is usually because of the added moisturizing agent in the hand wash. The sanitizer on the other hand has alcohol, essential oils and aloe vera gel mixed up in it.

Hand Sanitiser & Hand Wash Combo Pack

In keeping with demand from the market, Earth Essentials has introduced a combo pack of hand wash and hand rub.

The hand rub is much better than your ordinary sanitizer in the sense, it uses some of the most amazing ingredients such as rose oil, vitamin E (the beauty vitamin) and 72% denatured alcohol.

It is more effective in killing off bacteria and viruses from your hands. Also, it has glycerine and essential oils mixed with it, which makes your skin softer and smoother all the while protecting it from infections.

The activated carbon hand wash is a unique product from Earth Essentials too. While your ordinary hand wash uses regular fat-based soaps as their primary ingredient, this product uses activated carbon in major part.

activated carbon hand wash

Activated carbon is a super absorbent material that is made by heating coal or charcoal powder to very high temperatures. In this process, the carbon powder gets ‘activated’, meaning, the space between its molecules get opened up. When applied to your skin, it absorbs the dirt, oil and even microbes and clings to them until being washed away.

However, Earth Essentials is always one step ahead of other brands. It uses other carefully chosen ingredients to make activated carbon soaps, face masks, hair wash, hair masks, and so on.

Find the comparison about different activated charcoal soaps.

Activated carbon, the wonder ingredient, is used along with glycerin and perfumes to make up the Activated carbon hand wash. It helps remove impurities from you hands and also gently exfoliates your skin, giving it a fresh feel and look. The glycerin helps preserve moisture in your hand and prevents it from drying out.

Be Safe & Be Happy

When used together, the Activated carbon hand wash and hand sanitizer rub, will keep your hands clean and prevents infections and skin diseases.

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Using activated carbon hand wash regularly through out the day and applying the sanitizer whenever necessary can help you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe.

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