Activated Carbon Cosmetic Products

Buyer’s Guide – Activated Carbon Soaps

There are many activated carbon products in the market. It is one of the most sought after products in the cosmetic industry. How will you find out the best products for you?

Activated Charcoal powder

Find the right product for you with our buyer’s guide.  

  • Keika Naturals
  • The Yellow Bird
  • Aspen Kay
  • New Leaf
  • Seacret
  • Irish Spring
  • Yardley
  • Nivea
  • Plant Life

and so on are some of the international brands that make and sell activated charcoal soaps.

Of them, Keika naturals has the reputation of making homemade soaps while the others have gained their name by making quality products with a variety of flavours and combinations.

The activated charcoal being the primary ingredient in the soaps made by these brands, they also use their own unique mixture of substances to bring out a product that best suits their demographic.

Most people around the world face acne problems, but not everyone faces prolonged dry skin because of the climate in their country.

So, these brands have managed to take into account the needs of the populace before including some ingredients like essential oils (different oil for different purpose), aloe vera, herbs like lemongrass, lavender and shea butter, etc., to make their soaps.

In India, Earth Essentials has taken up the cause of making quality body care products that best work for everyone in the demographic. Since we face a lot more skin problems due to our geography, climate, pollution, work habits, diet and so on, Earth essentials has come up with its own soap based on activated charcoal.

The reason why activated charcoal has become a buzz in the beauty industry these days is because it is a modern magic substance that does wonders for your skin. How?

See the benefits of activated charcoal and decide yes or not.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal

  1. Activated charcoal is an excellent absorbent. It is made by heating the charcoal to high temperatures and oxidising the carbon inside it. This process makes the charcoal to absorb and cling to any thing that comes in contact with. Activated carbon soap pulls in dust and dirt from the skin and you can wash it away easily.
  2. Activated charcoal soap is a natural scrub. Its coarse nature makes it a brilliant exfoliant and it can remove the dead cells sticking to your skin, bringing out your new and fresh skin.
  3. It helps control acne, blackheads, eczema, blemishes, psoriasis and other skin problems. The sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands under the skin is responsible for moisturising your skin. If the skin is constantly exposed to dirt and smoke, the sebum secretion increases along with sweat production.

    This combination of sweat and oils hold on the dust and gives your that awful look. Activated charcoal soaps helps you clean the dust, sweat and excess sebum in the skin and give you a fresh skin.
  4. The most important advantage of activated charcoal soap is that it is suitable for any skin type. Be it oily or dry you can use it like your regular soap and even more, it takes only a less amount than your regular soap to clean up.

Earth Essentials has come up with two specific varieties in Activated charcoal soap. One being Activated charcoal & Aloe vera and the other being Activated charcoal & turmeric.

Aloe vera and turmeric have their own unique advantages when it comes to skin care. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and anti-septic, while aloe vera is a natural moisturizer.

Turmeric, one of the most abundant spices in India, is not being used in the brands we saw above, which makes Earth Essentials the only brand in the world that uses turmeric and activated charcoal, two of the most amazing ingredients to make a product for skin care. Turmeric carbon soap provides you overall protection for your skin.

Activated Charcoal powder

Does Activated Charcoal Make Hair Look Black?

Does activated charcoal make hair look black & better?

A question that naturally comes to your mind when you think of the black substance. Although it doesn’t directly impart any colour, it provides a good set of benefits for you to grow dark and dense hair.

hair fall

So, yes, you can’t replace your hair dye with activated charcoal.

Activated Carbon Hair Mask

Activated charcoal hair mask is the latest in line of products that use this revolutionary substance as their primary ingredient. We have activated charcoal soaps, face masks, face wash, tooth paste and so on.
The reason it’s gaining popularity is because of its unique set of properties.

Activated charcoal is basically charcoal that’s derived from wood, coal or peat and then heated to very high temperatures. This oxidises the carbon inside the substance and makes them more “active”.

Activated Charcoal powder

The substance becomes more potent when it comes to cleaning your body. A little amount of this substance added with your regular body care products can do wonders for your beauty maintenance.

The hair mask in general is totally different from your regular conditioners in the sense that it is denser than them and its ingredients are more concentrated.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal Hair Mask

The activated charcoal hair mask is even better than regular hair masks, wherein it provides the following benefits to your hair.

  1. It helps remove toxins from your hair. Since activated charcoal is a highly absorptive substance, it collects the dust, smoke and soot that settle on your hair and clings on to them until being washed away
  2. Activated charcoal is an exfoliant by nature, and it can act as a scrub to remove dead skin cells, giving room for your scalp to breathe.

  3. Activated charcoal deep cleanses the pores in the skin and absorbs the excess sebum, the secretion on the scalp that moisturizes your skin. The sticky oil that you feel when you caress your hair, yes.

    When secreted in excess it flows down your face and you know it feels disturbing. Activated charcoal hair mask can help you control this problem.

  4. Activated charcoal is very helpful when you need to control or get rid of hair related problems like dandruff, hair breakage, thinning and/or other skin problems like acne, blemishes, etc. The scrubby charcoal takes care of it all.

  5. Activated charcoal hair masks are suitable for use for all hair textures. You don’t need to check up the container or with your dermatologist if it suits your hair or not.

    Oily hair, dry hair, long locks, straightened just last week, you don’t have to worry about them. You can use it when you want.

Now, when you have a clean scalp and clean hair, there is room for healthy hair to grow, right? The activated charcoal is a non-sticky substance too and it can be washed away easily.

Also, compared to other hair masks and conditioners, the volume of the activated charcoal you need to wash your hair is very low.

Since it is non-sticky it doesn’t leave any residue on your hair or your skin, so naturally, it doesn’t impart its blackness over your hair.

But hey, who needs to colour their hair when you can naturally grow healthy hair?

activated charcoal face mask

Can You Use Active Carbon Face Mask Daily?

Activated charcoal has gained momentum in the beauty industry in recent times. We have a range of products that are made from this ingredient. Soaps, shampoos, scrubs, hair masks and so on. One product that the market has found its interest on lately is the activated carbon face mask.


A regular face mask works by infusing the ingredients into your skin and the pores in them. They also hydrate your skin, and help remove excess oils.

Now, what if we use activated carbon on this product and how could be the results?

The answer depends on the properties of activated charcoal itself. The substance, activated charcoal is made up of oxidising wood or coal at high temperatures and making them highly active. Meaning, the substance becomes very absorptive since the ‘activation’ process strips the charcoal of previously absorbed molecules and frees up bonding sites around its molecules.

This process also increases the surface area within the substance thereby proving a lot of space for retention of absorbed materials.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal Face Mask

  1. It pulls out toxins from under your skin, very effectively. Like we saw before, activated charcoal is a highly absorptive substance, using a teaspoon full of the powder or a cream made out of it can yield wonderful results. And while using it as a face mask and relaxing while it works on your skin, you can actually feel the magic happening!

  2. It acts as an exfoliant. It absorbs the dead cells from your skin and you can wash it away. This gives way for new cell growth. And when you use it regularly, you can maintain that glow on your face, all week long.

  3. Activated Carbon Face Mask removes excess sebum from the skin and this helps in reducing the size of the pores on your face. Also, when your face is cleaned of the stuff that drags the skin down, your skin tightens up and you get a younger look.

  4. It actively removes oils, dust and soot that settle on the skin and retains them within itself. Using activated charcoal face mask after you wash your face with water can help you with freshening up in a few minutes.

Now, using an activated charcoal face mask having its own advantages over regular face masks, how often should you use it?

Activated Carbon Face Mask
  • It depends on your skin type whether you need to use it once a week or more than once. Generally, activated charcoal works on all types of skin. Working, here means it is effective on all types of skin. On how often you need to use it, you need to check for your needs.
  • If you have oily skin or you sweat a lot, you can use activated charcoal face mask two or three times a week. Because, once you remove the excess oils, your skin reacts by secreting more and more and it keeps going.

    You need sweat and oils to keep your skin hydrated and protect you from heat and pollution, but you don’t want them to keep sticking to your face.
  • If you have dry skin however, you can use it once a week, since you need more moisture on your face and activated charcoal can remove it quite fast.

    Using activated charcoal face masks too often, can leave you with a parched skin in this case. So, check the effects on your skin while using it. If it refreshes you, you are good to go and if you feel its effects wear off after a few days, you can put it on again.
  • If you have skin problems like blemishes, itches, pimples, acne, etc, you definitely need to use activated charcoal face mask, since it primarily helps in reducing these problems.

    The excess sebum is the root cause of all these effects and activated charcoal removes it quick and easy. Moreover, it helps in reducing acne scars, tightens up the pores and refurbishes your face.

    You can use it thrice a week if you have skin problems and you’ll find it really helpful.

Similarly turmeric carbon face mask protects your skin and also nourishes it. It provides effective protection against microbes due to its anti-bacterial properties.

dry damaged hair

How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair?

When it comes to shampooing your hair, there’s no single answer on how often you should do it and what type of shampoo you should use. It filters down to your personal preferences and your hair type.

There are people who shampoo their hair almost every day and then there are people who don’t use shampoo at all. Whether they apply oil to their hair or not, or what type of shampoo the everyday users have or did they find that one perfect shampoo that best suits them, all of this is a big probability game.

The chances that you find your soul mate shampoo is debatable too, since there are tonnes of different brands each with their various types of shampoos available in the market.

For Dry Hair

If you have dry hair, shampooing too often may cause your hair to shrivel up and break, since it removes the even little sebum in your hair and scalp. So, you can go for a plain wash in the shower.

dry damaged hair

For Oily Hair

On the other hand, if you have oily hair, you can shampoo regularly, since you don’t want any dust or soot from the air to get attracted by the oil and give you an itchy scalp.

For Unhealthy Hair with Dandruff

People with hair problems like dandruff, excessive hair loss, hair breakage, etc., should be careful while choosing their shampoo and also check if their regular shampoo actually works in solving the problem. There are cases where the shampoos don’t work and people go on using it, believing it works out on the long run.

If you do have any skin or scalp-based allergies, you must check up with a dermatologist if your shampoo doesn’t work and rule out the possibility that the condition is serious.

Now, taking all this in mind, what shampoo could best suit everyone and more specifically, you? The newest product that’s gaining momentum in hair care products is the activated charcoal shampoo. Regular shampoos use a load of chemicals that in the long run are harmful for your hair and scalp.

Activated charcoal shampoos however use the special ingredient in its name, activated charcoal, for better cleansing of hair and enhanced protection of your scalp.

Before we get to see the benefits of activated charcoal, let’s first see how shampoo works and how often you should use it.

How Activated Carbon Shampoo Works

  • Shampoos absorb the oils in the scalp and produce lather, the foamy white mass of bubbles that rise up with every stroke on your head. This lather can be easily washed off. If you have an oily scalp or if you sweat a lot and find your scalp sticky all the time, you can use shampoo every day.
  • On the other hand, if you have a dry skin and apply hair oils regularly to moisturise the scalp, you could shampoo once or twice a week when your scalp gets itchy.
  • Pollution around us and the dust and smoke settling on the scalp can cause the skin to secrete sweat and oils. If you find yourself constantly exposed to outside air you could choose a shampoo that you can use almost every day, to keep your hair clean and healthy.
  • In case, if you have other hair related problems like dandruff, you could use shampoo regularly since dandruff is formed when a fungus feeds on the excess oil in the scalp and the oil is not properly removed regularly.
  • If you use hair style products like creams and sprays, you need to make sure they don’t settle on you scalp and cause itching. In this case you can limit the use of such products and use shampoo regularly until you stop using them.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Activated charcoal products are in general good for body care. When it comes to activated charcoal shampoo, you can feel the following benefits on regular use. Try our activated carbon hair mask for removing dandruff and other dirt.

  • Activated charcoal is made using charcoal derived from wood, peat or coal and then heating it to activate the carbon in it. This process converts the charcoal into a highly absorbent material that can absorb and hold on to dust and oil very firmly until it is washed away.
  • Also, the activated charcoal has a large surface area, meaning it can absorb hundreds of times its mass when used. So, a little amount of activated charcoal shampoo can help clean your hair in a short time than your regular shampoo.
  • One added advantage of activated charcoal shampoo is that it is a natural scrub and can gently wash of dead skin cells on the scalp giving it a clean & fresh feel.
  • Activated charcoal shampoo also helps in dandruff control and elimination. The absorbent property of activated charcoal helps in flushing out excess sebum and gives no room for growth of fungus and flaking.
  • Using onion hair oil along with activated charcoal shampoo gives a combined benefit of nourishing your hair and washing the toxins from your scalp. Onion hair oil is an excellent product that’s time and again tested for hair growth, hair loss prevention and hair care.
  • Activated charcoal helps in hair growth too, since it exfoliates the scalp and gives room for hair follicles to grow, regular use of activated charcoal shampoo helps in growth of new hair.
  • Above all these, activated charcoal shampoo is suitable for all types of hair and you don’t need to worry thinking if it works on you or not.
Onion Oil for Hair Growth

How Onion Oil Can Induce Hair Growth

Hair is historically equated with pride. You might have read about the old tales of kings and rulers who have cut the hair of defeated rulers. Similarly people donate their hair to the temples by tonsuring their heads. Almost all religions expect tonsuring by devotees. The hair forms a central part in the lore of our human history. It is in this grand context that we have to understand the importance of onion.

How Onion Oil Can Induce Hair Growth

There are tonnes of hair care products available in the recent years. You might have noticed a long list of advertisements popping up in your social media feed, a few moments after you googled for “the best oil for hair growth”.

True, a lot of businesses have taken up new research and are making new products every day, not just in the body care products. But out of all those products, which best suits you, you ask?

Well, that’s a decision you have to make while looking through the product and its description.

With a lot of products made out of chemicals and the people’s growing fear of allergies and complications, products based on natural ingredients have started gaining traction these days.

One such product is the onion hair oil. You might ask, ‘Do they not use a single drop of chemical while making this?’ Of course not.

Onion hair oil is made using onion juice as the primary ingredient with Gooseberry, a mixture of 10+ natural oils and a range of herbs to produce a concoction that suits every type of hair. It has a lot of benefits compared to regular hair oils made up of coconut oil mixed with other ingredients.

Onion juice, being traditionally used for hair growth and to stop hair fall, is mixed with other nourishing ingredients to make onion hair oil. Here’s a list of benefits of onion hair oil and how it helps promote hair growth

  1. Onion Hair oil is rich in anti-oxidants. They help in optimizing the hair growth cycle and boost the enzymes that are required for hair growth. You can also check out our How to Treat pattern Baldness to know more about it.
  2. The sulphur in onion hair oil reduces hair damage and hair loss. It also prevents thinning of hair, split ends and increases the shine and elasticity of the hair.
  3. Onion hair oil helps in maintaining the pH of the hair, there by reducing the greying effect, giving your hair a dark and shiny look all day.
  4. Onion hair oil nourishes your scalp, increases blood flow in it and provides the hair follicles the nutrients necessary for hair growth. When you use it regularly you can see hair growing back on the spots you thought had gone bald.

    When you use chemical products like minoxidil topical (Mintop) Solutions, you might have noticed your hair starting to fall again if you miss using them for a few days.

    They are designed that way so that you keep using them and keep buying them. This is not the case for onion hair oil, which is entirely natural and doesn’t have such side effects.
  5. Onion oil is also a conditioner. You can use it before you shampoo your hair to give it a silky-smooth texture after your shower. If you still have a dry and unmanageable hair, check out our articles How to Treat Dry & Unmanageable hair.
  6. Onion oil helps in your fight against dandruff and other hair related problems.

You can make onion hair oil at home too. All you need to do is, heat some extracted pure oil like coconut oil for a few minutes and once it gets hot enough, add chopped onions into it.

hair oil for hair loss

You can also add curry leaves too, since they are good for your hair. Once the onion gets heated up, it releases its juices into the oil and gets brown.

Take the mixture off the heat and strain it and your own home-made onion hair oil is ready. Blending onion juice and castor oil is double advantageous.

Castor oil, though highly sticky, can be mixed with onion juice to boost your hair growth and help maintain a healthy scalp.

Castor oil has Anti-fungal properties that helps against infections, dandruff and blemishes on the scalp along with boosting hair growth.

activated carbon face wash

Ordinary Facewash vs Activated Carbon Facewash – Which is Better For You?

Face wash has become an important part of our lives. If you’re still stuck in the eternal debate soap vs body wash, do take a moment to read about it. In this lets find out the advantages of ordinary face wash and activated charcoal or active carbon face wash. Activated carbon soaps are good for your overall hygiene and to refresh your body but active carbon face wash helps in rejuvenating your face and making it glow from the inside.

Ordinary vs Activated Carbon Facewash

Face wash, a mild surfactant that’s good for your facial skin. It’s designed specifically for the face as you might have noticed while washing your body with it, in the shower. It is milder than regular soaps in the sense soaps dry out your skin a lot more than face wash’. Also, face wash products are well suited if you have oily skin, since they give you a matted look.

activated carbon face wash and face mask combo

A regular face wash product helps remove dust, debris and soot settled deeply on the face and also cleanses the pores.

In recent times however, a better face wash product has been developed. A face wash that uses the advantages of activated carbon to fresh up your face even more efficiently. Activated carbon is the result of heating charcoal derived from coal, peat or wood. The carbon in charcoal gets oxidised and it becomes a super absorbent material.

What is Activated Carbon Face Wash?

Activated carbon face wash is made using ingredients like aloe vera extract, milk proteins and other essential substances along with activated carbon. The carbon in the face wash provides a unique set of benefits when you use it regularly.

Ordinary Face Wash Benefits

Regular face wash products are made to clean your pores deeply. Their texture is often foamy and they will lather into a foam when applied to your damp skin. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, a foaming face wash suits your skin. It’s what your skin needs to keep pores clear and remove the oil, dirt, and impurities that can accelerate sebum production.

Activated Carbon Face Wash Benefits

Activated carbon face wash on the other hand has the above advantages of regular face wash and more. It’s an excellent exfoliant and it helps you remove dead skin cells on the skin surface. This is due to the fact that it acts like a soft scrub on your face. Also, the quantity or the amount you need to use to clean your face is very little when compared to regular face wash products. Since activated carbon is highly absorptive and has a large surface area, it can collect and hold on to the dirt and oil in the skin and can be easily washed away. Also, it leaves no soap residue or flakes on your skin and can be used with both hard and soft water.

However, there’s one other product that competes with activated carbon face wash. It’s the turmeric carbon face wash, i.e. face wash with turmeric.

Turmeric Face Wash – Added Advantages

Turmeric, as it is well known is an anti-septic and anti-inflammatory spice. Its magical properties are due to the abundance of curcumin, a bioactive component in it.

Turmeric contains a lot of antioxidants which revives your skin by bringing out its natural glow. Its anti-inflammatory properties allow for wounds to heal quicker. This means regular use of turmeric face wash can help you clear wound on the facial skin and also get rid of other skin problems like acne, blemishes, psoriasis etc. more than all this, turmeric carbon face wash of Earthe Essentials can help you with reducing acne scars.

hair fall

Hair Fall is also Caused by Polluted in Cities – How To Stop Hair Fall

Pollution has caused severe health risks among people in recent decades. Lung problems being the most prevalent, the dermal problems like itchy skin, discolouration, heat burns and more importantly hair loss.


Hair is very vulnerable towards pollution, since it is mostly left unprotected by many while going out. Sure, people can wear caps and helmets while riding bikes. But it still causes sweating and the moment you take off the cap, the dust in the air stick with the sweat even more effectively.

Research shows particles from pollutants like vehicle fuels lead to dust, smoke, lead, arsenic and sulphur dioxide etc. settle on the hair and scalp resulting in scalp sensitivity. This leads to a prickling sensation on the scalp, itching, dandruff, oily scalp and pain in the hair roots. If not taken care off properly, the conditions could worsen and can cause hair follicles to shed prematurely gradually decreasing the density of hair in the scalp.

Pollution can also cause male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. This condition can present with overall thinning, thinning at the crown, finer texture, a widening of the parting line and a receding hairline at the temples that produces an ‘M’ shape.

So, how to stop hair fall this problem or to be even more accurate, how to prevent it hair loss?

There are several natural and chemical products available to protect hair from pollution. One such product is the Activated charcoal hair mask. Yes, activated charcoal and a hair mask made out of it.

A Hair mask is different from regular conditioners. It is denser and its ingredients are more concentrated. While a regular conditioner is intended for daily use, a hair mask can be used once a week to cleans the hair and give it a fresh feel.

In case of activated charcoal hair mask, its primary ingredient activated charcoal is a super dense substance. Activated charcoal has its own set of unique benefits with respect to body care. It is made up of charcoal from wood or coal having oxidised by steam treating it. This makes the substance highly absorptive. It can be used as a bath scrub to give the skin a clean look. Some other benefits of activated charcoal are,

  • It pulls out toxins from the scalp. It absorbs the dust from the hair and also removes toxins, excess oil and sweat from the scalp, keeping it clean.
  • Activated Charcoal Hair Mask exfoliates the scalp by gently scrubbing off the dead skin cells, removing the extra weight and giving a lighter feeling on the head.
  • It promotes hair growth too since it helps remove the sebum and deep cleanses the pores. Sebum is an oily substance produced by the pores under the skin. When it gets mixed with dead skin cells, they block the follicles out which the hair grows out. The mildly abrasive activated charcoal scrubs off sebum and give way for hair to grow out.
  • It works on all hair textures as well. So, fearing it might wash away the hair colour is a thing of the past with it.

Along with these, activated charcoal doesn’t leave any residue in the hair like regular conditioners. Since activated charcoal is non sticky in nature, it doesn’t mix with other substances but only clings to them. When it does so with the dust in the hair, it can be easily washed away.

An activated charcoal hair mask has a range of advantages over other anti-pollution hair products. Using it regularly will keep your hair healthy and protected.

You can also use an activated charcoal shampoo and onion hair oil for hair growth.

Now, before using it, you must also control the use of hair styling products like gels, creams and sprays, because they attract the dust particles from the air and hold on to them tightly.


What To Do When You Have Pimples on Your Face?

Pimples and acne spoil the beauty of your face. While men find a minimal presence of pimples on the face to be appealing, most women do not feel the same way.

Pimples – What, How & Why

Among many reasons, hormone changes in the body leads to acne and pimples to pop up on the skin. Both acne and pimples are related skin problems but they are not the same. The difference between acne and pimples is that acne is a disease and pimples are one of its symptoms. Acne is a condition that affects the skin’s hair follicles and oil glands.

The pores under the skin are connected to glands that make an oily substance known as sebum. The glands and pores are connected by a canal known as a follicle that has a thin hair that grows out to the skin’s surface. When sebum and dead skin cells clump together, they plug the follicle. When bacteria infect this area, they cause inflammation, leading to pimples in acne. So, treating acne will help avoid formation of pimples over the skin.


Acne is hereditary and it becomes unavoidable to children whose parents faced the same problem in their youth. Besides that, there are other reasons why acne surfaces on the skin,

  • Hormonal changes – Pimples and Acne are particularly common during puberty because hormone levels fluctuate significantly during this period.
  • Improper Hygiene – Oily deposits on the forehead can accumulate on the skin if the face and hair are not properly washed from time to time. This can lead to blockages that prompt acne.
  • Cosmetic products – Some cosmetics and skincare products clog the pores and this to breakouts of acne.
  • Medication – Medicines sometimes can cause acne as a side effect since they lead to secretion of hormones inside the body. The excess hormones can cause acne and pimples.

There are several treatments available for acne reduction and elimination. Among them the most common method is to go for natural remedies like using turmeric, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar etc directly or by mixing them with regular soaps. But sometimes it becomes tedious to keep up with the routine, because every time they have to be used the ingredients must be fresh and available.

Even if we manage to get our hands on those ingredients the time to whip up the concoction and using it can be so long that people get fed up with them.

What if there is a product that is all natural, that treats pimples and acne and it is available like a regular cosmetic product? The answer is Turmeric soap. Turmeric, as it is widely known is a natural anti-septic and it is also anti-inflammatory. It’s been in use for centuries and the modern world has recently re-discovered its wonderful properties and putting it to good use.

Some of the advantages of turmeric are,

  • It moisturizes the skin by providing vitamin E
  • Activated carbon soap has anti-bacterial properties that help reduce acne and pimples.
  • It is anti-inflammatory and it targets the pores and calms the skin. And it can also heal wounds.
  • It is also known to reduce scarring.

Along with turmeric a lot of other ingredients can be added to make a super effective product. One such product is the activated carbon turmeric soap. Charcoal has been used in the beauty and medical industries for years. Activated charcoal is known for its ability to absorb and draw out oil from the skin.

Activated charcoal has its own set of benefits with it,

  • It can absorb oil and dirt from the pores leaving skin feeling fresh and balanced.
  • Aloe Vera Carbon Soap exfoliates the skin removing dead skin cells.
  • It reduces pore size and tightens the skin

And it can do a lot more because of its unique properties.

A soap made up of two of the most incredible ingredients as turmeric and activated charcoal can do wonders when it comes to acne and pimple treatment.

  1. Using activated charcoal turmeric soap regularly can cleanse the skin by removing oil and dirt from it.
  2. The soap is very effective against other skin problems like blemishes, psoriasis, etc.
  3. It can be used by anyone with any skin type. Since the main ingredients are natural antiseptics, the skin would not face any harsh reaction when using them.
  4. Activated charcoal removes toxins and turmeric heal wounds to keep the skin beautiful and healthy. Hence, you can also use turmeric face wash.

Advantages of Activated Carbon Soap Over Regular Soap

Soap is a cleansing substance made up of fats and oils along with salts like sodium or potassium hydroxide. Besides their cleaning properties, they are also effective as mild antiseptics and ingestible antidotes for mineral acid or heavy metal poisoning. It’s been in use for centuries and the varieties people have come up with it is enormous. The wide availability of raw materials to make them, their uses in various applications have made them so versatile.

In homes, the toilet soaps people use are usually made up of vegetable or animal oils and fats. When cleaning, then soap solubilizes the dirt in the skin, which can then be washed away.

Aloe Vera Activated Carbon Soap

With numerous brands coming up with various soaps with flavours and fragrances, the efficacy of their products can only be tested after using them for a considerable period of time. But what if we don’t get our desired results?

Like, if we want a soap to treat oily skin or pores or even dry skin and it doesn’t work well, we change the brand obviously. If even that doesn’t work, how many soaps do we have to test before we find that one brand that can be trusted?

Treating skin with utmost care is essential these days and soaps are the quick and easy solution for that. Using regular soaps, which are usually soft in terms of chemical composition, has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The fragrance and the silky smoothness they give off is one thing but regular soaps don’t work well on hard water. The calcium and magnesium ions in hard water result in formation of flakes which stick to the skin and give off an awful look once they dry.

Here’s where activated carbon soap come in. Unlike regular soaps, the main ingredient of activated charcoal soaps is charcoal activated by an oxidising process. The charcoal is made up of wood or peat and it is then steam treated to activate the carbon inside it. this acts as a natural scrubbing agent.

Benefits of Activated charcoal soaps

Activated charcoal soaps have a unique set of advantages over regular soaps and here’s a list of them,

  1. It is an oil cleanser – Regular soaps react with oil and loosens its grip on the skin. But, if the soap is not applied enough or it’s a quick bath you want, there’s still a chance for you to be oily when you leave the shower. Activated charcoal however quickly absorbs and draws out the oil from the skin and gets washed away with it.

  2. It is an excellent exfoliant – The skin cells regularly die off giving way to newer and younger cells to replace them. These dead cells need to be washed away from the skin otherwise they may accumulate and lead to several skin diseases. Activated charcoal soaps can scrub them off from the skin and give a smooth silky skin.

  3. It is perfect for any skin type – Some soaps may prove allergic to a few people. They may lead to reactions like coagulation of mucus below the skin which leads to lumps or itchy skin. Activated charcoal soaps however don’t result in those problems. They can be used by anyone and especially people with sensitive skin.

  4. It can treat acne effectively – Acne occurs when hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It causes whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. It is most common among teenagers, although it affects people of all ages. Activated charcoal soaps are very effective against acne since they scrub off the oil and dirt with ease. Regular use will result in amazing results.

  5. It tightens the skin – Ageing can gradually loosen up the skin and makes people’s skin look like it’s hanging off the bones. Regular use of activated charcoal soap helps with this as it can tighten up the skin and make it firmer. Also, it can help with premature ageing by removing wrinkles in the skin and the lines below the eyes.

  6. It clears various types of blemishes on the skin – Hyperpigmentation, papules and pustules are common problems faced by many. Hyperpigmentation makes skin appear darker than other areas of the skin, while papules and pustules are a result of accumulation of oils, dead skin cells and dirt on the skin. Since activated charcoal soap is both a scrubber and an absorbent, it helps in keeping the skin clean and problem free.

  7. It reduces pore size – pores release oil and sweat to keep the skin cool. The volume of the secretions depends on the environment people live in. With increased pollution and heat the pores constantly keep the skin lubricated by secreting more and more oil and sweat. Also, the dust settling over the pores may make them appear bigger. Activated charcoal soap being effective in oil and dust cleansing can relax the pores and soothe them.
stop hair loss

Stop Hair Fall – Apply Onion Oil For Hair Growth

The most common problem for people these days, other than work, is hair fall. The stress of the fast life reflects in people’s health in any number of ways and the most prominent effect is hair loss. People worry more about losing their hair than gaining weight and becoming obese.

Research shows humans lose an average of 60 hair strands every day. But what happens if you lose more than that?

The fear of going bald.

Many leading hair care treatments employ the usage of strong and potent chemical substances like Minoxidol. While, the chemical certainly stimulates hair growth, it has to be applied with extreme care to the dosage. Overdose can lead to other side effects.

Fortunately, there is an effective solution, Onion oil. Onion oil is an ayurvedic product widely used for stopping hair fall and to regrow hair. Onion juice has plenty of anti-oxidants in it which helps the epidermal layers of the body to produce enzymes that prevent hair loss and helps hair growth. Also, onion oil for hair growth is rich in sulphur, which prevents thinning of hair and breakage.

Using onion oil on a regular basis will effectively prevent hair loss and baldness.

hair oil for hair loss

What causes Hair Fall?

There are plenty of reasons people face this problem. It may occur gradually or suddenly and here are a few reasons why this problem occurs.

  1. Heredity – Its in the genes. Male-pattern baldness or hereditary baldness is a condition that runs in the family. Although there is no cure for fixing the genes, treatments like hair plantation is an effective solution to this condition. But the problem is, these procedures prove expensive. The other solution is to go for natural remedies like using onion oils, which provide results when done continuously.

  2. Hormones – Changes in hormones especially in women, during pregnancy, childbirth or menopause can significantly affect the hair growth cycle and sometimes increased hair fall.

  3. Stress – Going through extreme stress, both in men and women can affect the cycle too. Stress can deprive the hair of essential nutrients making them weaker.

  4. Infections – Fungal and bacterial skin infections can reduce the amount of hair on the scalp, causing balding or hair thinning.

  5. Excessive use of shampoo and other products – Hair care products like shampoo, Gels and creams contain a lot of chemical that affect the scalp directly, leading to permanent loss of hair. The alternative is to go for natural products or choosing shampoo with as minimal chemicals as possible.

  6. Pollution – The major cause for hair loss these days. The dust and smoke in the air get settled in the scalp and scrub it throught the day, causing itchy scalps. With a stressed scalp hair growth is impeded.

Remedies for Hair Fall and Hair Loss

Although modern medicine has devised several techniques like LASER therapy, Hair plantation, infusing platelet-rich plasma into the scalp, etc. it is not viable for all people. So it is best to turn towards natural medicine. Onion juice, hibiscus leaves, essential oils, coconut oil, green tea and aloe vera are common natural treatments for hair growth.

Of the above the most useful and efficient is the onion juice. The onion oils are made by mixing a proportion of regular oils with onion juice. This results in a chemical free mixture which is both safe and cost effective.

Benefits of onion hair oil

  1. Nourishes the scalp – Onion oil when applied spreads over the scalp and provides the essential nutrients needed for hair growth. It also strengthens the roots and improves blood circulation in hair follicles.

  2. It prevents greying of hair – The essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in onion hair oil help in reversing premature greying of hair. Regular use of onion hair oil improves the texture and maintain the pH of hair which also helps in this regard.

  3. Dandruff treatment – The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of onion oil help in warding off dandruff and treats scalp infections from within the root.

  4. Natural conditioner – Onion oil is a natural conditioner that can be used before using shampoo on the hair. It also prevents dryness of the hair.