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How to Shampoo Wash Your Oily Hair? With Activated Carbon Shampoo!

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Do you have oily hair? You might be frustrated about that. But you shouldn’t be. True, it can be a little annoying at times when the oil from your scalp drains down on your face. Using activated charcoal shampoo can help big time.

Having oily hair means that your scalp is taking an extra effort to protect your hair from damage.

The pollution in the cities, the dust and dirt settling on your hair will naturally lead to an itchy scalp. The sebaceous glands below the skin on your scalp secretes sebum, the oil to remove the dirt and dust and stop the itches.

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This continuous secretion of sebum means, an oily scalp on a daily basis and this may want you to shampoo your hair almost on a daily basis. Your regular shampoos are however, harmful to your hair and you know that. The chemicals in your regular shampoo break your hair or even remove them with their roots, leading to hair loss and a receding hairline. On the other hand, you want a clean scalp, hair and face every day. This seems like and endless cycle, don’t you think?

The most obvious solution to this problem is to opt for a shampoo that doesn’t have these side effects but also helps you clean your scalp more effectively. Such a shampoo is Earth Essentials’ Activated carbon shampoo.

Activated carbon is a wonder ingredient in the cosmetic world. The substance is made by heating carbon powder and thereby “activating” it. The powder then becomes more coarse and highly absorptive. This makes it useful in removing stains and dust off of surfaces. Know more about activated carbon here.

Activated Charcoal powder

Although many brands have used activated carbon in their products, the Earth Essentials’ activated carbon shampoo stands out from them. This is mainly because of the other ingredients used to make the shampoo.

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Aloe vera extracts, milk proteins and silk proteins like fibroin and sericin are used to make the shampoo and each of them have their unique benefits.

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Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer and it is anti-fungal and it helps rid of the itchy scalp. The milk proteins nourish the scalp and gives way for new hair growth, while the silk proteins provide elasticity and shine to your hair. The activated carbon helps remove dirt and oil from your scalp and deep cleans it. on the whole, the activated shampoo helps you keep your hair and scalp clean and fresh.


How do you Shampoo Wash Your Hair?

1. Thoroughly wet your hair first.

You can take a shower or even soak your hair with water, whichever is comfortable. The next step is to

2. Apply the activated carbon shampoo.

You can do this, by first applying the shampoo on your palms, gently spreading it and then rub the shampoo over your hair. Using your fingers scrub your scalp smoothly and let the shampoo sink a little bit.

This gives the activated carbon enough time to absorb the dirt and oil from your scalp.

3. Give Yourself a Gentle Massage

Massaging for a few minutes ensures that the shampoo gets into all parts of your head and allows it to act on the hair follicles.

4. Wash off the Lather.

Well, this is a no-brainer but washing off the lather and thoroughly removing any remnant shampoo is important. You will feel instantly fresh after the wash.

You can use activated carbon hair mask, if you wish. It helps in deep cleansing your scalp and it ensures that the hair follicles and roots of hair stay clean.

activated carbon hair-mask

You can also use onion hair oil after washing your hair. The onion hair oil is also a wonder product of Earth Essentials. It helps you maintain your hair and prevent hair loss.

The incredible thing about activated carbon shampoo is that, it can be used regularly for years, without facing any side effects like hair damage or hair loss. In the long run it will lead to a healthier scalp and makes way for new hair follicles to sprout out hair.


By the way, if you’re unsure about the safety of activated carbon products, don’t be. Earthe Essentials Activated Carbon products are all completely safe.

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