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Advantages of Activated Carbon Soap Over Regular Soap


Soap is a cleansing substance made up of fats and oils along with salts like sodium or potassium hydroxide. Besides their cleaning properties, they are also effective as mild antiseptics and ingestible antidotes for mineral acid or heavy metal poisoning. It’s been in use for centuries and the varieties people have come up with it is enormous. The wide availability of raw materials to make them, their uses in various applications have made them so versatile.

In homes, the toilet soaps people use are usually made up of vegetable or animal oils and fats. When cleaning, then soap solubilizes the dirt in the skin, which can then be washed away.

Aloe Vera Activated Carbon Soap

With numerous brands coming up with various soaps with flavours and fragrances, the efficacy of their products can only be tested after using them for a considerable period of time. But what if we don’t get our desired results?

Like, if we want a soap to treat oily skin or pores or even dry skin and it doesn’t work well, we change the brand obviously. If even that doesn’t work, how many soaps do we have to test before we find that one brand that can be trusted?

Treating skin with utmost care is essential these days and soaps are the quick and easy solution for that. Using regular soaps, which are usually soft in terms of chemical composition, has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The fragrance and the silky smoothness they give off is one thing but regular soaps don’t work well on hard water. The calcium and magnesium ions in hard water result in formation of flakes which stick to the skin and give off an awful look once they dry.

Here’s where activated carbon soap come in. Unlike regular soaps, the main ingredient of activated charcoal soaps is charcoal activated by an oxidising process. The charcoal is made up of wood or peat and it is then steam treated to activate the carbon inside it. this acts as a natural scrubbing agent.

Benefits of Activated charcoal soaps

Activated charcoal soaps have a unique set of advantages over regular soaps and here’s a list of them,

  1. It is an oil cleanser – Regular soaps react with oil and loosens its grip on the skin. But, if the soap is not applied enough or it’s a quick bath you want, there’s still a chance for you to be oily when you leave the shower. Activated charcoal however quickly absorbs and draws out the oil from the skin and gets washed away with it.

  2. It is an excellent exfoliant – The skin cells regularly die off giving way to newer and younger cells to replace them. These dead cells need to be washed away from the skin otherwise they may accumulate and lead to several skin diseases. Activated charcoal soaps can scrub them off from the skin and give a smooth silky skin.

  3. It is perfect for any skin type – Some soaps may prove allergic to a few people. They may lead to reactions like coagulation of mucus below the skin which leads to lumps or itchy skin. Activated charcoal soaps however don’t result in those problems. They can be used by anyone and especially people with sensitive skin.

  4. It can treat acne effectively – Acne occurs when hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It causes whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. It is most common among teenagers, although it affects people of all ages. Activated charcoal soaps are very effective against acne since they scrub off the oil and dirt with ease. Regular use will result in amazing results.

  5. It tightens the skin – Ageing can gradually loosen up the skin and makes people’s skin look like it’s hanging off the bones. Regular use of activated charcoal soap helps with this as it can tighten up the skin and make it firmer. Also, it can help with premature ageing by removing wrinkles in the skin and the lines below the eyes.

  6. It clears various types of blemishes on the skin – Hyperpigmentation, papules and pustules are common problems faced by many. Hyperpigmentation makes skin appear darker than other areas of the skin, while papules and pustules are a result of accumulation of oils, dead skin cells and dirt on the skin. Since activated charcoal soap is both a scrubber and an absorbent, it helps in keeping the skin clean and problem free.

  7. It reduces pore size – pores release oil and sweat to keep the skin cool. The volume of the secretions depends on the environment people live in. With increased pollution and heat the pores constantly keep the skin lubricated by secreting more and more oil and sweat. Also, the dust settling over the pores may make them appear bigger. Activated charcoal soap being effective in oil and dust cleansing can relax the pores and soothe them.

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