About Earthe Essentials

Earthe Essentials is the culmination of years of research in the fields of healthcare, cosmetics and beauty products. Earthe Essentials is a new breed of beauty products, a hybrid, rising from the strong foundation in the age-old formula, time-tested ingredients and cutting edge new advancements in the technological arena. It is born out of synergy of the old and the new.

We are one of the leading producers of healthcare, cosmetics and beauty products in Bangalore. Our products are made from pure and natural materials like coconut charcoal, aloe vera, turmeric, etc., that are responsibly sourced from the cultivators themselves. The activated carbon is sourced from the coconut cultivators of Tiptur, Karnataka; while the Turmeric is sourced from Wayanad region in Kerala. Similarly, different raw materials are procured in various forms from different parts of the country.


To revolutionise the beauty and healthcare industry with natural, advanced, cruelty-free, and safe products that enhances the total well-being of people.


To make premium quality products available to general public at affordable prices, thereby providing better healthcare and wellness products to everyone.

Earthe Essentials products are made from the natural raw materials.

Earthe Essentials are safe and soft on your body and they are effective.

All Earthe Essential products undergo rigorous quality control and thereby we assure better quality products.

At Earthe Essentials, we constantly create better formula to come up with the best products for you.

No animals are used for testing our premium quality products. They are cruelty free.

Our Earthe Essential products are one of the most affordable and effective products in the market.

All our raw materials are sourced in a responsible way by providing best compensation to the producers and cultivators.