7 Tangible Benefits Of Using Turmeric Peel Off Face Mask

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Turmeric is in use for centuries, as a spice, as a disinfectant and of course, in the cosmetic industry as an anti-ageing element. There are numerous benefits of turmeric and it is an active ingredient in many skin care products.

Earth Essentials has come up with its own turmeric variant of products like activated carbon & turmeric soap, turmeric face wash and more importantly, turmeric face mask.

Turmeric Face Mask

The curious thing about EE turmeric peel-off face mask is that it is made using some of the most amazing ingredients that are good for your skin. Along with turmeric, Earth Essentials uses activated carbon, a coarse powder that is made by heating carbon or charcoal powder at extreme temperatures. This process turns the powder into a super absorbent material, which clings on to particles and dust on your skin, when you wash with it.

The Turmeric Face Mask also uses rose oil, which hydrates your skin and softens it. Along with this, other essential oils are also used to make the product.


Some of the benefits of the turmeric facemask are,

Turmeric Facemask Removes Dark Circles

Your work schedule and life style might have led to improper sleeping habits and this shows as dark circles around our eyes. Even when you get your habits in order, these dark circles might be hard to go off. Using turmeric face mask regularly can help you remove them, since turmeric is a natural lightening and anti-inflammatory agent. also, the activated carbon in the face mask deep cleans the skin removing any dust and dirt stuck in the skin.

It Reduces Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problems. Treating acne may involve medications on most part, but this might sometimes lead to side effects. But turmeric face mask being made of natural ingredients, will help you avoid those side effects and also treat the skin problem more effectively. Turmeric’s anti-septic and disinfectant properties help here.


Lightens Scars and Marks

Regularly using Turmeric Face Mask can help you reduce the scars and marks left on your face by acne and injuries. This is why turmeric paste is usually applied on the skin in ayurvedic medical procedures. The activated carbon on the facemask also exfoliates the skin, gradually removing dead skin cells and giving a fresh look in a few days.

Reduces Dryness of Your Skin

Turmeric Face Mask acts as a moisturiser on your face. The essential oils and turmeric help you keep your face fresh and supple by retaining moisture on your skin.

Turmeric Has Anti-ageing Properties

Turmeric Face Mask will reverse ageing. Yes, reverses it! The soggy skin on your face tightens up as you use it regularly and your skin problems disappear after a while, giving you the new and young look, taking you back in time.

Turmeric Carbon Mask Prevents Skin Problems

Besides acne, there are several other skin problems that haunts us. Rashes, pimples, Psoriasis, etc are common these days due to increased pollution. The dust, dirt and microbes in the air settles on your face and leads to numerous diseases. Turmeric, the natural disinfectant, will kill off the harmful bacteria and microbes and prevents, not just eliminate, the skin problems.

It Regulates the Sebum Secreting Glands

The turmeric seeps into your skin and regulates your sebum secreting glands. These glands are responsible for secreting sebum, the sticky oil on your face. Regular use of turmeric facemask can help you balance these glands and maintain your skin.

Turmeric Carbon Mask Brightens Your Skin

Here’s your bonus benefit. Turmeric brightens up your face. It has been known to give a shine after it is applied and it also removes facial hair. This is particularly advantageous for women who want a painless way to remove facial hair.

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Earth Essential’s Turmeric Face Mask is loaded with even more benefits. You can replace your regular face care products with this highly effective product and see the change in you.

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