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6 Oral Care Tips for a Strong Set of Teeth

Taking care of your teeth is as important as maintaining your youthful life. Often times we don’t pay special attention to oral hygiene and stop with just brushing our teeth in the morning.

There are several products that show up on advertisements, with detailed descriptions about their goodness and sometimes with a recommendation from dentists too. But it is very confusing to choose from the range of products available.

You might have checked up with your dentist on this regard, but they would have told you to go with so or so brand and use it regularly.

Leaving aside the specifications of your regular tooth pastes and powders, let us see what’s actually important for maintaining our teeth.

  • To keep your teeth strong and healthy, it needs to be brushed at least twice a day and flossed.
  • The mouth should be deprived from harmful bacteria and microbes that can weaken your teeth and gums. For this, you will need a good oral hygiene product that can be trusted to give you good results.

Earth Essentials has brought forward a unique product – activated carbon tooth powder.


Ingredients of Activated Carbon Tooth Powder

Activated carbon is made by heating carbon powder to very high temperatures, thereby “activating” it. This process frees up the space between the molecules in the powder thereby making it a super absorptive material.

Activated Charcoal powder

Along with activated carbon, the tooth powder also has cloves, a well-known ingredient in oral care, and salt. Together these ingredients make up the perfect mixture, you can sure trust to help maintain your teeth.

Clove is frequently used in ayurvedic preparations and it is known to reduce tooth pain. It also removes bad odour from your mouth and gives you a refreshing smile.


Salt is one of the most commonly used ingredient in all cooking and hence the importance of salt is often overlooked. Salt has good anti-biotic properties and it helps in killing harmful microbes in the mouth and teeth.

Sodium Chloride

If you’re still undecided have a look at our article Is Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder Good for Your Teeth?

Along with this, here’s some more tips for you to maintain your oral hygiene,

1. Brush the tongue (too!)

Besides cleaning your teeth, you should also clean your tongue. The serration at the back of your tooth brush is meant for cleaning your tongue. Using activated carbon tooth powder, you can get a clean set of teeth and tongue. The activated carbon absorbs and removes any dirt stuck in your teeth and tongue giving it a fresh feel.

2. Rinse Regularly

Rinsing regularly after every meal helps you keep your mouth clean. This way you can get rid of any food particles stuck between your teeth then and there. These stuck particles are the ones that attract harmful bacteria and microbes.

3. Limit Sugars from Your Diet

Sugar gets converted into acids by the bacteria and this erodes your teeth. By using activated carbon tooth powder, you can remove residue sugars from you mouth. Activated carbon acts like a gentle scrub and protects your mouth. Further sugar is harmful for your health. Check out here.

4. Avoid Tobacco and its Products

Tobacco use leads to weakening of gums in the mouth. The severe effect is the loos of tooth. Activated carbon tooth powder can help you strengthen your gums and protect your teeth.

5. Cut Down your Meat Consumption

You might have needed tooth pick right after you have a meat filled meal. The meat gets stuck between your teeth and if not washed properly, attracts harmful bacteria.

You can go for more fruits and vegetables instead. Whatever your diet is, you need to keep your mouth clean by washing it regularly.

6. Maintain a Good Oral Care Regime

Plan for a routine to maintain your teeth and follow up. A little step everyday can save you from a lot of tooth ache in the future. Use activated carbon tooth powder regularly and you will feel the results in no time.

oral care regime

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