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5 Amazing Tips for Massaging Your Hair with Onion Oil

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Hair loss is one of the most common problems these days. The changed lifestyle, the hectic work schedule, the improper eating habits, all take a toll on your body and it get reflected in your head, as hair fall.

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The body care industry has come up with various solutions to treating the problem. They range between hair growth serums to costly hair plantation procedures. But most people are sceptical of these treatments simply because they involve a lot of chemicals.

True, anything that involves infusing excess chemicals into your body would cause a reaction in the long run. But fortunately, there are alternative solutions, like natural products and treatments.

You might have heard about the benefits of onion extracts in hair growth and hair care. Or even gooseberries and the overall benefits to your body.

Now, what if we combine these two ingredients to help you maintain your hair and also grow back your lost hair?

This is what Earth Essentials has intended with our in-house creation, Onion Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Onion Hair Oil

How is Onion Hair Oil Made?

Onion hair oil is made by mixing extracts from onions and Indian gooseberries along with several other miracle ingredients. Bhringaraj, an incredible herb that’s been in use for centuries is also used by Earth Essentials in our onion hair oil. This mixture of onion, amla and bhringaraj extracts is mixed with 14 different natural oils including coconut oil, gingelly oil, argemone oil, castor oil, mustard oil, olive oil, etc.

Onion, being rich in Sulphur protects your hair from damage and also prevents hair thinning and hair loss. Sulphur increases the elasticity of your hair and maintains its shine. Also, it promotes the growth of hair follicles and helps hair growth.

The Gooseberry helps protect your scalp, by moistening it and it gives a soothing effect. The Bhringaraj improves blood circulation in your scalp and it revitalizes your hair follicles.

How To Get the Best Out of Onion Hair Oil

Using onion hair oil regularly can help you maintain your precious hair and your young look. There’s an even better way to protect your hair though; scalp massage.

It’s a simple process, where you gently apply onion hair oil to your scalp and massage it slowly. This method has its own benefits,

  1. As you massage your head with onion hair oil, you spread the oil onto your scalp and let it absorb the compounds from the oil. This is way better than a mere oil rub over your head. A massage will allow your scalp to slowly take in the goodness from the oil.
  2. It is very relaxing by the way. A normal head massage can help you reduce your stress. But an onion oil massage cools down your scalp and head in seconds and you can feel your head getting lighter almost immediately.
  3. It reduces severe problems like migraine and blood pressure. Yes, the high blood pressure is mostly because of stress and overthinking. You can take time to relax with a hair massage with onion oil and gradually lower your blood pressure. Migraine, the one side head ache, will disappear for sure, and you will never stop getting a massage after this.
  4. Regrow lost hair. Most people say that you can’t grow back hair. But this is not totally true. With the right set of food intake and proper treatment, you can grow back hair. As we saw earlier, onion hair oil promotes the growth of new hair follicles, which when provided the right nutrients every day, will grow out hair. You can’t expect results in a day, though. Give your hair some time. In fact it can even help in treatment for pattern baldness.
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How to Massage your Hair with Onion Hair Oil?

1. Slightly Warm the Oil Before Application

You can either apply the oil as it is or you can warm it up a little. The warm oil will be more soothing to your scalp as it increases blood flow in your scalp and expands the pores.

2. Apply at the Root of the Hair

When you apply the onion hair oil at the roots, the pores below absorb the nutrients from the oil more effectively. This is different from when you apply it over your hair, where the oil will stick to the hair alone and not seep in.

3) Gently Massage in Round Motions

A slow massage for five minutes, in slow motions will make you feel the oil smoothening your scalp. You will be immediately relaxed this way.

4) Apply Overnight for Better Effects

Use a cloth or cover for pillow and leave the oil on your head every night. Most people prefer to apply the oil in the morning and wash it off in the shower. But, leaving it on your head for a longer period of time will be more helpful.

5) Wash with Earthe Essentials Activated Carbon Shampoo

The activated carbon shampoo is another wonder product from Earth Essentials. It uses the benefits of activated carbon to deep cleanse your scalp of dirt and impurities. Using the onion oil and activated carbon shampoo has done wonders for people!

6) Use Activated Carbon Hair Mask once in a Week for a Cleaner & Healthier Scalp

If you are a regular user of hair masks, you must switch over to activated carbon hair masks from Earth Essentials. It is different from other hair masks and conditioners in the sense it is more cleansing and more moisturizing than your regular products.

Using onion hair oil does wonders to your hair and scalp. It is way more effective than your chemical-based hair care products. Start your hair care routine with Earth Essential’s Onion Hair Oil and get glowing hair.

For best results, use Earthe Essentials Activated Carbon Shampoo. Also have a look at the guide – How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair?

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