hair fall

Hair Fall is also Caused by Polluted in Cities – How To Stop Hair Fall

Pollution has caused severe health risks among people in recent decades. Lung problems being the most prevalent, the dermal problems like itchy skin, discolouration, heat burns and more importantly hair loss.


Hair is very vulnerable towards pollution, since it is mostly left unprotected by many while going out. Sure, people can wear caps and helmets while riding bikes. But it still causes sweating and the moment you take off the cap, the dust in the air stick with the sweat even more effectively.

Research shows particles from pollutants like vehicle fuels lead to dust, smoke, lead, arsenic and sulphur dioxide etc. settle on the hair and scalp resulting in scalp sensitivity. This leads to a prickling sensation on the scalp, itching, dandruff, oily scalp and pain in the hair roots. If not taken care off properly, the conditions could worsen and can cause hair follicles to shed prematurely gradually decreasing the density of hair in the scalp.

Pollution can also cause male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. This condition can present with overall thinning, thinning at the crown, finer texture, a widening of the parting line and a receding hairline at the temples that produces an ‘M’ shape.

So, how to stop hair fall this problem or to be even more accurate, how to prevent it hair loss?

There are several natural and chemical products available to protect hair from pollution. One such product is the Activated charcoal hair mask. Yes, activated charcoal and a hair mask made out of it.

A Hair mask is different from regular conditioners. It is denser and its ingredients are more concentrated. While a regular conditioner is intended for daily use, a hair mask can be used once a week to cleans the hair and give it a fresh feel.

In case of activated charcoal hair mask, its primary ingredient activated charcoal is a super dense substance. Activated charcoal has its own set of unique benefits with respect to body care. It is made up of charcoal from wood or coal having oxidised by steam treating it. This makes the substance highly absorptive. It can be used as a bath scrub to give the skin a clean look. Some other benefits of activated charcoal are,

  • It pulls out toxins from the scalp. It absorbs the dust from the hair and also removes toxins, excess oil and sweat from the scalp, keeping it clean.
  • Activated Charcoal Hair Mask exfoliates the scalp by gently scrubbing off the dead skin cells, removing the extra weight and giving a lighter feeling on the head.
  • It promotes hair growth too since it helps remove the sebum and deep cleanses the pores. Sebum is an oily substance produced by the pores under the skin. When it gets mixed with dead skin cells, they block the follicles out which the hair grows out. The mildly abrasive activated charcoal scrubs off sebum and give way for hair to grow out.
  • It works on all hair textures as well. So, fearing it might wash away the hair colour is a thing of the past with it.

Along with these, activated charcoal doesn’t leave any residue in the hair like regular conditioners. Since activated charcoal is non sticky in nature, it doesn’t mix with other substances but only clings to them. When it does so with the dust in the hair, it can be easily washed away.

An activated charcoal hair mask has a range of advantages over other anti-pollution hair products. Using it regularly will keep your hair healthy and protected.

You can also use an activated charcoal shampoo and onion hair oil for hair growth.

Now, before using it, you must also control the use of hair styling products like gels, creams and sprays, because they attract the dust particles from the air and hold on to them tightly.

Advantages Of Washing Hands with Soaps

Soaps in various forms have been in use for a long time now. They have been in use at different parts of the world since times immemorial. However, the mass production and mass utilisation of soaps have been possible only in the recent times and it was not until recently that everyone understood the importance of using soaps to wash hands. There are many reasons why soaps are to be used for washing hands.

Remove Those Germs with Activated Carbon Soap

Germs or microbes are everywhere, literally everywhere. They are present in your body, on your body, in the air, soil, water and on every surface. Some of them are beneficial and many not so much. There are several germs that causes problems, and these are the ones we prefer not to have on or in our bodies. Our first line of defense against those harmful germs is soap.

The important thing to note here is that most soaps don’t kill germs on our hands, they simply remove them from the surface of the body. As a result we are protected from the ill effects of the germs.

Activated carbon soaps are more effective in removing these germs from the depth of our skin. It makes your skin clean and smooth.

Earthe Essentials Activated Carbon Soap

Hand washing with soaps helps reduce the spread of Covid-19

Regular and thorough washing of hands is still one of the best ways to prevent the spread of Corona virus. However, it must be done properly and with soap and water. Proper hand washing not only reduces the spread of corona virus, it can prevent the spread of other viral illnesses such as cold and flu. Hand washing throughout the day is important, but even more important during an outbreak.

Soap tackles germs

Some germs have an outer protective covering made up of two layers of fatty molecules.  So, can help to pry break apart this outer protective layer, trapping and removing these germs along with any other oils and debris that are present in our hands. Soap bars if used properly will help your hands to be clean and safe.

Soaps help your hands to be clean and safe.

You can keep your hands on free and soft by choosing the right products. It is important because it also keeps our family members and loved ones safe as well. Best way to wash hands is to put your hands under the water and get them wet, take some soap and rub your hands together. Try to do it for at least 30 seconds.

Avoids Common Eye Infection

Eye infections are caused by viruses and other bacteria. One of the most common ways in which these eye infections happen is by touching your eyes. So, cleaning of hands before touching the eyes is of paramount importance. Wash your hands regularly to have a clean eye.

“Clean hands save sight”

Poor hand hygiene is associated with a high risk factors for microbial contamination of your contact lenses. Hand washing is a simple yet effective way to curb contamination.

Reduces Bacteria Content In Your Hands

Bacteria, viruses fungi and parasites exist on the skin and in mucus, blood and other body fluids. Some germs are transferred through inhalation and others are obtained by touch. If you are not using good hand washing technique, you will probably find yourself affected by one of these deadly diseases. So don’t forget to keep your hands clean at all times.

Pampering Your Hands Through Soaps

As we use our hands vitally throughout the day, it is very important to keep them clean. Water alone won’t remove much of the germs on our hands because water and oil don’t like each other, so they won’t mix but soap likes both water and oil. When you use soap to wash your hands, the soap molecules comes into action and they bind with both oil and water at the same time. When you wash off your hand and rinse off the soap, the lather carries away the germs with the water.

Necessity Of Soaps While Hand Washing

Soaps contain a class of compounds called surfactants, which neutralises germs in our skin. The best practices of washing your hands is scrubbing of hands thoroughly with soap and clean water for 20 seconds or more. Your hands have many surfaces and parts to clean individually, and needs to cover all of them to capture the germs within palms, fingernails, band aids, or splints. If you are doing it right, 20 seconds allows for enough time to be through, and for soap molecules to do their job on their entire hand.

For better guide check out our guide on how to and how often to wash your hands.

How does antibacterial soap kill germs?

Many of us use antibacterial products how to reduce our risk of getting sick or passing germs and bacteria onto others. The soaps contain active antimicrobial ingredients added and so it kills bacteria and also pampers and hydrates your skin.

Use Hand Washes For Better Results

Hand wash is a good substitutes for soaps. It has many advantages over soaps as follows.

  • It reduces cross-contamination from one person to another.
  • Easier to operate and use.
  • Quicker action
  • Easy to carry

Why Is It Important To Wash Your Face?

Do You Feel Tired And Exhausted?

Just imagine that you had a tiring day at work, once when you’re back to your home you’d definitely feel exhausted. It is OK to give a little treat to your skin with a refreshing face wash. In fact, it is not only recommended but also highly necessary.

Your Face Reflects Your Mood

It is important to keep your face energetic and topped up throughout the day, as your face reflects your mood people must get a sense of optimism after glancing at that energized look of yours.

Activated Carbon Face Wash

Get Refreshed Instantly

Washing your face regularly helps you get rid of makeup remnants, oil, dust and other unwanted matter that accumulates off your face. When you start cleansing your face, all these impurities get removed and your skin gets a chance to renew itself.


There are so many elements to which your skin is exposed to. There are several harsh environmental elements that can lead to lines, wrinkles, redness etc., You can correct these damages through a proper face wash. Specially washing your face at night repair and prevents accumulated damage by protecting your skin. Give that magical touch to your facial skin by having a regular face wash.

Your Face Needs Proper Hydration

When you do face wash regularly then your skin gets proper hydration and elasticity of your skin will sustain longer.

Once when your face lacks moisture, then it might get wrinkly. In order to get a radiant glow it is necessary to wash your face thoroughly.

It Removes Pollutants

Just by scrubbing your face for 10 seconds every day, your skin recovers and heels from the ill effects of pollution. Save it, secured it by giving that routine care to your face by regular face wash. Most important thing to be remembered by most of them, particularly by girls is that never and ever sleep with your makeup on your face. Those chemicals present might ruin up your skin. So always remember to take it off by a good face wash or a makeup remover.

Softens Your Skin

After a good face wash you’ll be able to avoid dryness caused to your skin through so many external agents. Your skin gets softened. If you do it repeatedly then you will definitely find your skin getting smoother and appealing day by day. Make it as a regular practice to wash your face at least twice a day and particularly before going to bed.

Importance of Face Wash

Washing your face just with water will never work out. Usage of a branded face wash or a soap can only give you that refreshing look, and will also remove the impurities from your skin deeply.

Face wash

If you have oily skin you definitely need a face wash, where a production of excess oil in your skin can be controlled by a face wash. It controls the secretion of oil from your skin and keeps you refreshed all day long.


Soaps are preferred for washing face but it might have harsh detergents designed to scrub away dirt and oil, whereas a face wash is exclusively meant for your facial skin and maintains the pH balance of your skin as well.

Hand Wash 101: How Often Should You Wash Your Hands?

The most basic and standard step to ensure personal hygiene is to wash your hands regularly. It is one of the easiest things that can be done which has a huge impact on the personal health. Whether you are in a COVID19 hot zone or not, washing your hands is important.

In this post, read and understand how often you should wash your hands and how you should wash your hands for best protection against COVID19.

When To Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands whenever you feel like but there are certain broad guidelines to follow, to maintain a sterile and soft hands. Some of the most common scenarios in which washing your hands is compulsory are as follows.


1. After Using Bathrooms and Restrooms

Whenever you use the restrooms in your house or in public places, you should make it a point to wash you hands with a good quality hand wash. So, that you won’ have to worry about catching the virus from public places.

2. Before & After Going Out of Your Home

In the present scenario, whenever you go out of your house, you should always wear your masks. Apart from that, as soon as you come back to your home, it is recommended that you wash your hand with a hand wash. You can use activated carbon hand wash which draws out the impurities from the depth of the skin. It is also efficient in killing microbes in general.

3. After Cleaning and Cutting of Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables pass through a number of places and hands before being set on your cooking table. So, it is prudent to wash the vegetables with a natural and organic soap. After that use a potent hand wash or an activated carbon soap to wash your hands completely.

4. Before Cooking & Even During Cooking

Cooking requires a lot of time already and it might sound like asking for too much. However, cleaning the hands before cooking and during cooking can save your precious life. So, always wash your hands before cooking anything.

5. Before and After Eating

This is a common-sense. Washing the hands before having the food. However in some cultures and in some countries, it is not usually followed. So, wash your hands before having your food and protect yourself from unnecessary worries by washing your hands with a wonder soap.

6. After You Touch any Person or Animal

We are social animals and we cannot maintain our social life without touching anyone. We will come in contact with our colleagues, friends, family and even our pets. With so many number of contacts happening on a single day, the chances of you getting COVID is very high. So, always wash your hands with a potent hand wash after touching anyone or anything.

7. After being in a Public Place like a Shop, a Park or Even Streets.

Public places like shops, bars, pubs and even streets will have people from all walks of life. They might have contracted COVID & might be spreading it without even their knowledge. So, don’t become a victim without any knowledge of yourself. Always wash your hands.

8. Before You Touch Face, Eyes, Nose, Mouth or any other Body Parts.

An average human touches the face more than a 1000 times every day. However, since the corona virus is spread from hands to the mouth and through it, it enters the whole body. So, always use a good activated charcoal hand wash,

How to Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands should be done carefully to minimise the chance of contracting COVID19.

  1. The best way to wash your hands is to first wet your hands with running water.
  2. Use a good soap or a hand wash to clean the surface of your hand.
  3. Gently apply the hand wash in the palms and rub it vigorously throughout all parts of the hand.
  4. When all the parts of the hand is scrubbed, rinse it with running water.
  5. You can use warm or hot water if you are living in a cold place.
  6. After that. Completely dry your hands by using use and throw paper towels.
    If paper towels are not available, you can also use a clean, dry towel.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hands

You can wash your hands as and when you feel like washing. As a matter of fact, the more you wash your hands, the better it is. During this COVID times, transmission of the virus happens mainly through touch. When you wash your hands, you clean the surface of your skin and protect yourself from virus and the diseases. So, wash as often as you can. It is only going to make you safer.

As the famous saying goes, one can never be too cautious.
You have to wash every time you go out of your home and come back. Normally, you can wash your hands once in an hour. If you are working in a high risk area, then washing your hands more than once in an hour is the perfect choice. However, take proper care to properly wipe your hands. As too much moisture in your hands can spoil the skin and make it susceptible to cuts and wrinkles.

What to Do, If You Can’t Wash Your Hands

Alcohol Hand Sanitisers are Better for Office Environments

In some environments it is not possible to wash your hands frequently. For example, when you are travelling you can’t always look for a source of water to wash your hands with running water. Similarly if you work in a water sensitive environment where electrical and electronic gadgets are there, it will be hard to use water.

Even inside the office, it will be hard for you to get up and wash your hands every time. In such a situation, it is better to use an alcohol based hand sanitiser. Hand sanitisers that have at least 60% or more of ethyl alcohol. This is effective in killing a large number of microbes including bacteria and virus. This protects you from contracting Corona Virus Disease. At Earthe Essentials, we have one of the best hand sanitisers in India.

Some of the Best Hand Washes in India


Earthe Essentials Activated Carbon Hand wash is an effective hand wash that can kills a large number of microbes from your hand. Also, it comes with a pleasant fragrance that keeps your hands smelling great every time you wash your hands.

How to Get Rid of My Pimples and Blackheads on My Face?

What are Pimples?

Pimples are a type of acne that is formed mainly in the face. They might even occur in the neck and shoulder. Pimples manifest as small pustules that are formed as a result of clogged sebaceous glands. In most people, pimples occur mainly during the puberty. However, there are no hard and fast rules that pimples exist only during puberty. Many young adults and even some mature adults get pimples and other forms of acne. 

General Causes 

Pimples are generally caused as a result of sebaceous glands being clogged. Sebaceous glands are the oil producing glands in the body. They are present on the lower layer of the skin. They open to the base of the hair and secrete an oily substance that lubricates and provides the hydrophobic properties. Without the waxy coat, hair becomes susceptible to water clogging. Further the oil coat also protects the skin from drying. However, when hair and skin particles fall inside the sebaceous glands, it starts to act as a fertile ground for the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. It causes infections on the skin. Such infected glands filled with dirt and skin particles become pimples. 

What are Blackheads?

Blackheads are formed in locations close to where pimples form but they are most commonly found near nose, ears and chins, etc. Blackheads are mostly black in colour but also occur in dark brown colour. They are very small when compared to the pimples. 

General Causes

Blackheads are caused when sebaceous glands at the roots of hair follicles get plugged by broken pieces of hair or dead skin particles. This can happen even when dust, impurities and pollutants in the environment plug the sebaceous glands. Most blackheads are hardly noticeable unless closely examined. 

Similarities & Differences Between Pimples & Blackheads

Similar to pimples, blackheads are also caused when the sebaceous glands are clogged. However the main difference between the two are as follows. While the pimples form when the sebaceous glands are clogged deeper in the skin, black heads are caused when the plug happens at the top layer of skin. As a result, unlike pimples, blackheads are not accompanied with pain or infection. Moreover blackheads are generally smaller in size when compared to the pimples. Blackheads appear even on adults while pimples are more prevalent in adolescents. 
Both blackheads and pimples can affect your facial beauty and they can be extremely tricky to remove. Pimples are relatively harder to treat as the causes of pimples lie at the bottom the glands. Blackheads might be removed easily by exfoliating the skin. 

How to Remove Pimple & Blackheads

  1. Make Lifestyle Change
    Pimples can be caused in adults when the sleep wake cycle is not in sync with the circadian rhythm. While not all animals sleep and wake with the sun, human body is conditioned for the sun. When the sleep wake cycle undergoes an imbalance, the hormonal secretion and sebum secretion take a hit. This is known to cause, sudden flow or improper flow of sebum. This can also lead to pimples. So, it is necessary to make lifestyle changes that are more conducive for normal functioning of the body. 
  2. Eat Foods With Less Oil Content 
    Oily foods are generally known to increase the pimples on the face. Although pimples are not exactly caused by the oils in the food that we eat, it certainly increases the chances of pimples. Junk foods and highly processed foods can cause pimples in the face. 
  3. Moisturise Your Face & Body
    Moisturising the body is very important. As a matter of fact, when the skin is dry, sebaceous glands secrete more sebum and in turn it is more prone to infection by dirt and impurities. So, one of the most effective way to stay away from pimples and blackheads is to have a proper moisturising for your face. Using a moisturising face wash can be helpful in this case.
  4. Use Sunscreen Lotion
    Using sunscreen lotion not only reduces the skin burn but also keeps your skin from drying. This maintains the necessary moisture and makes your skin smoother. So, the dead skin do not get flaky and fall into the pores of sebaceous glands.
  5. Wash Your Face Regularly
    Washing your face regularly provides at least two benefits. One, it removes the excess oil and dirt that gets settled on the face. Two, it moisturises your face and reduces the need for oil secretion. You can use Earthe Essentials Activated Carbon Face Wash to wash your face. 
  6. Use Oil Absorbing Soaps For Bathing
    Many of the times, the oil producing sebaceous glands produce oil to moisturise your body. However, depending on the climatic conditions of your living and temperature conditions of your workplace, you might not need that much oil. IN such cases, it is important to use a proper oil absorbing soap that protects your skin from becoming too oily. Earthe Essentials Activated Carbon Soap is effective in removing oil and dirt from your body. This reduces the formation of pimples, acne, etc. 
  7. Use a Peel off Mask
    A good peel off mask should be soft on skin and hard on dirt, black heads, white heads and other facial imperfections. Earthe Essentials Turmeric Carbon Peel Off Mask is effective in removing the extra oil and dirt from your skin. This provides a shining face that is soft and supple.
  8. Use a Charcoal Mask
    Charcoal masks is helpful in removing extra oil from the face. If you’re facing excessive issues with oily face, then using a potent charcoal mask like the Earthe Essentials Activated Carbon Mask, is the best option. It removes oil from the face and protects it from drying by moisturising your face. 
  9. Use Exfoliating Products
    Exfoliation of dirt and dead skin cells can not only make your skin smooth but it also helps in clarifying your face and reduce the probability of pimples and blackheads 
  10. Don’t Touch the Face Too Often
    Touching your face often increases the chance of you spreading pimples. Although, it might be itching to touching your face, it is counterproductive for your fight against the pimples. Instead, wash your face with activated charcoal facewash when it is itchy. 
  11. Don’t Pop Your Acne or Pimples
    Pimples reduce the appeal and attractiveness of your face and it might be tempting to pop them. When you pop your pimples, the pus inside pimples generally ooze out. It increases the chance of you getting pimples at multiple locations. So, it is good wisdom to refrain from popping your pimples. 
  12. Try a Detoxifying Regime
    There are many complementary and alternative medicines that can be used to help detoxify your body. Some of the detoxifying regimes like organic coffee enema, PH alkaline enema, ozone steam hydrotherapy, etc. If not, you can try drinking a simple lemon-mint-ginger juice for the detoxifying effects it has.

These are the simple steps to get rid of your pimples and blackheads from the face. However, when it comes to health and fitness, there is no one size that fits all. If problem persists, it is always good to contact a dermatologist.

How to Protect Yourselves from Deadly Corona Virus Disease (COVID2019)?

Corona Virus Disease caused by the novel corona virus is the new scare that has been giving everybody a scare for life. Already the world arena is going through a turmoil and we are looking at a chaos in the making. Corona virus scare has taken a heavy toll on the global financial and economic climates. Share markets around the world has fallen down like dominos. Petroleum price has fallen by more than 50%. From starting with more than $60 in January to barely $30 in March, the world has received repeated bumps. Are we prepared for the COVID-19?

What is Corona Virus Disease?

The recent COVID-19 is caused by a corona virus but is it the first corona virus that we’ve encountered? Corona virus is a kind of virus that has a structure that is similar to the sun. Corona of sun has radiating lines from the centre. Similarly a corona virus is one in which the virions radiate from the central body of virus. Incidentally, the present infamous virus is not the first corona virus. The previous two were the causes behind the SARS (Severe Acute respiratory Syndrome) that broke out in China in the year 2002 & MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) that broke out in the middle east in 2012. While the earlier one jumped to humans from civet.

COVID-19 is caused by a novel corona virus that has been officially named as SARS-CoV-2. This virus, similar to the earlier corona virus causes respiratory troubles, leading to a number of syndromes like fever, old, shortness of breath, pneumonia, etc. However there is no known medication that either completely cures or prevents the corona virus diseases 2019. There are no vaccines for the virus. That is why, the COVID-19 is harder to treat.



When & Where Did Corona Virus Start?

SARS-CoV-2, much like the SARS-CoV of 2002, started radiating from China. It all started in the fag end of 2019 when clusters of pneumonia and other respiratory problems manifested in Wuhan province of China. Hence, it is also unofficially called as Wuhan virus. The virus spreads from person to person and the number of infected rose exponentially.

The world has awoken to the danger of SARS-CoV-2 now and almost 150 countries are now affected by this virus. While mainland China is the worst affected till date in absolute numbers, Italy is the worst affected in relative terms. There are more than 81,000 confirmed cases in China & almost 70,000 cases in Italy. All over the world, the number of affected and dead are more than 420,000 and 19,000.

What is The Situation of Corona Virus Cases in India?

India has not been completely immune to the onslaught of corona virus. However, the country has been one of the lesser affected ones. Given the size of population of the country and the general hygiene conditions of the country, we are sitting on a tie bomb waiting to explode. That is, unless we take the necessary precautions. In India, there have been more than 600 reported cases of positive SARS-CoV-2 affected persons and 10 confirmed casualties.

The number of unidentified cases in India could be much higher. Barring Kerala, the testing rate in India is very low. So, the real numbe rof infections could be much higher.

Is Corona Virus Deadly?

Corona virus in itself is not deadly as there have been more than 79,000 cases of recovery from the COVID-1. However, when there are some pre-existing conditions in the patients affected by the virus, it can be fatal. Similarly, the virus is deadly for the elderly population when compared with the younger generation.

How is Corona Virus Transmitted?

Corona virus spreads from one person to another by touch or through the droplets like mucous, particulates in breath, etc. It is not airborne, as in, it doesn’t spread easily through air. Only through contact with the body or through the proximity of infected person, does it get transmitted. Corona virus can spread from one person to another without even the one who is spreading realising it. It can pass even through a simple handshake. The virus infection might not show any visible signs for up to 10 days. So, it is very tricky to know.

Is it Possible to Protect Yourselves from Corona Virus Disease, the COVID19? 

Yes. It is possible for you to protect yourself from the Corona Virus Disease. World Health Organisation (WHO) has mandated certain steps to prevent yourselves from the COVID19. Most of the important guidelines given by WHO revolves around the personal hygiene and good social practices.

If you find yourself with the symptoms that are related to COVID19, it is better to approach a doctor at the earliest. The standard operating procedures include quarantining you to a safe location so that the infection doesn’t spread. Similarly, if you or anyone in your family is affected you have to take proper precautions as per the WHO guidelines.

How To Protect Yourselves From Corona Virus?

World Health Organisation advises people to reduce unnecessary travel. Even if you’ve to travel, WHO mandates the following guidelines.

  • Avoid travel if you’ve a fever, cough or difficulty in breathing.
  • Refrain from close contacts with people suffering from fever/cough.
  • Use masks to cover your nose and mouth.
  • Frequently wash your hands with alcohol based sanitizer.
  • Seek medical assistance, if you’ve symptoms.
  • Eat well cooked food
  • Don’t spit in public area

Wear Mask When You’re in the Same Room as Infected People

WHO clearly states that wearing of mask can’t ensure your safety. However, it helps to reduce the chances of infection. If you’ve contracted COVID19, it is recommended that you wear these masks. Similarly, if you’re in the same room as an infected person or if you’re treating an infected person, it is mandatory that you wear the mask which can protect you from contracting COVID19.

Proper care has to be taken while wearing and removing the masks. Although the masks protect you from corona virus, they can still be on the outer side of the masks. Once you touch the outer side of the mask, you can still contract the disease. So, it is important to sanitise the hands with an effective hand wash or hand sanitizing rub even after carefully removing the mask from your face.

Safely Dispose Your Masks

It is imperative to safely dispose the masks in a closed bin so that the virus doesn’t spread and it doesn’t infect you or anyone in the family. Safe disposal of masks should be done by removing the masks and throwing it in the plastic disposal bags and tying it tightly before subsequent disposal.


Wash Your Hands With Hand Wash or Soap For at least 20 Seconds

Washing the hands thoroughly for 20 to 40 seconds is effective in preventing the infection of Corona virus. Using a proper hand wash like the activated carbon hand wash helps in killing the virus and other germs. Frequently wash your hands with the hand wash.

Use Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer For Complete Protection

Another easy way to kill the virus is to use alcohol based hand sanitizer and sanitizer rub. Earthe Essentials Hand Sanitizer Rub is effective in killing virus, bacteria and other harmful germs. Take ample amount of the rub and thoroughly rub it on the inside of the palms, in between fingers and at the back of the palm. Do this for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Alcohol based sanitizers and hand sanitizing rubs are effective to a greater degree but it is important to take other precautionary measures and stay away from the public places.

Follow WHO Guidelines of Isolation

World Health Organisation recommends social distancing, individual quarantine at least for 14 days after travelling. If you have any of the symptoms, it is pertinent that you immediately isolate yourself from the rest of the family and stay indoors and take all the precautionary steps. After that ask for medical assistance.

With a growth factor of more than 1.3 COVID-19 is a public health emergency and a world pandemic. The effects of it can be reduced by following the WHO guidelines and by maintaining the personal health through thorough washing and sanitizing of hands.

How To Treat Pattern Baldness?

What is Pattern Baldness?

pattern baldness hair thinning

You might have seen bald heads for sure. Chances are that either your brother or your father or your spouse might have baldness. There is a good possibility that you’re already or you’ll get bald in the future.

Alopecia areata is the patch or pattern baldness that occurs mainly in men but it might occur in both sexes.

Unlike complete baldness, which actually accentuates the look of middle aged and old aged men, pattern baldness reduces the appeal of people. Hence, pattern baldness makes you self-conscious and makes you think twice before going anywhere or meeting anyone. This might cause a dent in your perception of yourself and make you question your self-worth. 

How Pattern Baldness Manifests

Pattern baldness can happen to anyone. Unlike baldness that is seen only in people of middle or old-age, pattern baldness can happen to people who are young. In fact, pattern baldness can occur even in females. It may be caused by a number of reasons but the general way of manifestation of pattern baldness is as follows. 

pattern baldness hair loss
  • Thinning of hair
    Regardless of your age, it starts with initial thinning of hair. Your hair strands get thinner at first leading to frequent breakage. Due to the reduced thickness of hair you might also see a reduction in hair density. 
  • Sudden Loss of hair
    During onset, you can experience rapid hair loss which might be throughout the head. However, the hair loss at certain places might be more than other places. This results in the patches of baldness.        
  • Patch of Baldness
    Patches will start small but may become larger. This leads to more pronounced baldness which might be a cause for alarm. 

Causes of Pattern Baldness

Patch baldness can be caused by a number of reasons. Although there are no clear set of causes that can be said definitively, the following are some of the main reasons why Alopecia occurs in young individuals. 

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes

Alopecia areata can be caused by lifestyle changes such as the change in sleep-wake cycle or even the kind of food one takes. Generally unhealthy foods or poor sleeping habits can cause a general degradation of the health. It might also lead to alopecia which symbolises deeper problems in the body. 

Hot & Sweaty Work Environment


Alopecia is also caused by work environment which are not conducive to work. In workplaces like foundry, lathe, boiler rooms, metal forge, etc., it’ll be extremely hot and sweaty. This leads to a sudden loss of hair from the head. Men and women who work in such environment are bound to undergo hair loss, leading to alopecia. 



Environmental pollutants and toxic materials in water can also cause loss of hair. This also leads to alopecia.

Side-effects of Medicines


Certain anti-biotics and wide spectrum anti-biotics that provide resistance against a number of micro-organisms are toxic even to the liver and kidney of our body. These drugs might even lead to loss of hair. Particularly after treatment to pneumonia, Typhoid etc., the hair fall will be high. 



Even genetics play an important role in alopecia. If your parents and or grand parents have pattern baldness, it is likely that you might also end up getting pattern baldness. 

How To Treat Pattern Baldness

Pattern baldness can be treated by chemical treatments also. Some of the most effective drugs like minoxidil, finasteride, etc., are effective in inducing the regrowth of hair. 

Chemical Treatment

Minoxidil is an effective vasodilator that increases the size of the blood vessels on the scalp. Thus leading to more oxygen and nutrients to the scalp that strengthens the hair roots of stimulates growth of new hair follicles. The hair growth happens in as much as 50% of the people. If taken more than the recommended amount, it might lead to arterial dysfunction or even coronary attack. 

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy for hair growth increases the chance of hair regrowth by stimulating the blood vessels in the scalp. This rushes in a new flow of new blood rich in oxygen and nutrients from the heart. As a result, hair is seen to regrow in the scalp. It is a costly process and needs experienced professionals for a safe application. Side effects can vary from person to person and it might cause burns and lesions in the scalp. 

Natural Methods

Natural methods employ natural and herbal products to treat alopecia. Onion extracts and serum is known to reinvigorate growth of hair. Onion is rich in sulphur that aids in the growth of hair and in increase of hair density.  However, using the onion extracts is a hard task as it involves juicing the onions and then taking the extract from it to apply for the head. It is both a time consuming and messy task that puts off people. The easier way is to use a hair oil with all the benefits of the onion extracts. 

Earthe Essentials Onion Oil

Earthe Essentials Onion oil for hair growth has the extracts of onion it. Further, it is also induced with the goodness of amla, and bhringraj. Onion extracts is rich Sulphur that nourishes hair roots and stimulates growth of hair follicles. Amla soothes your scalp and conditions your hair. Bhringaraj makes your hair lively, makes it soft and manageable. Further, the onion oil for hair contains 14 oils like coconut oil, fenugreek oil, argan oil, rosemary oil, sesame oil, etc. which help in growth of hair. 

onion oil for hair growth

How To Apply Onion Oil For Treating Pattern Baldness

Although, Earthe Essentials onion oil can be directly applied to the scalp, it needs a specific way of application to quicken the regrowth of hair. 

  1. Remove the visible dust and dirt from the hair.
  2. Gently brush and comb your hair to make it easily manageable.
  3. Slightly warm the oil, as per your convenience.
  4. Apply the onion oil part by part over small tuft of hair.
  5. Nicely massage the warm oil onto the scalp for better results.
  6. After application, either wait for 30 minutes to one hour or leave overnight. 
  7. Wash with Earthe Essentials Activated Carbon Shampoo to remove the oil and odour. 

Onion oil for hair growth comes with a slightly pungent odour due to the presence of onion extract that is rich in Sulphur. 

Advantages of Onion Oil Treatment

Some of the reasons why Earthe Essentials onion oil for hair growth is better than other oils due to the following reasons. 

Cost Effective

Earthe Essentials Onion hair oil for hair growth is competitively priced at ₹399/- for 100ml of oil. When compared to usage of chemicals like minoxidil or laser therapy, onion oil for hair growth is cost effective. While minoxidil is costlier than this, the cost for laser therapy can go into thousands. 

No Side-effects

When it comes to reinvigorating hair growth in the bald patches, onion oil is the best cure. Not only is our onion oil cheaper when compared to other options, it is also safer. There are zero side effects associated with usage of onion hair oil. Of course, that is if you don’t consider the onion odour as a side effect. 

Easy To Perform

It is anybody’s guess. The process of applying oil to the hair and scalp is much easier than going for a laser therapy. 

Best Results

The natural onion hair oil will give the best results and you can see a visible change in the hair density and hair regrowth in bald patches within 3 months of usage. That is why, Earthe Essentials onion oil is the best oil for treating pattern baldness.

Male or female pattern baldness can be treated easily and efficiently by using onion hair oil regularly. Check out the shop and buy the onion oil for hair growth or contact us for more tips.